Neewer Single-Braced X-Style Piano Keyboard Stand with Solid Locking System (Discontinued)

91 out of 100. Incorporating 20+ ratings and reviews.

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The Neewer Single-Braced X-Style Piano Keyboard Stand appeared on our recommended list for Single Tier X Style Keyboard Stand from February 2022 until October 2022.


This single-braced X-style stand from Neewer has a distinct locking system that improves stability and prevents unwanted wobbling that is usually expected from affordable X-style stands.

The locking system is an extra brace above the point where the support X-braces intersect. It has grooves that guide you in adjusting the height and width of the stand, and it also serves as the securing mechanism.

The implementation of this locking mechanism doesn’t take away from the portability and easy assembly that is expected from X-stands.

Like other X-style stands, it comes with non-slip rubber contact points to keep the stand and your instrument stable.

This gives you the portability and ease of use of X-style stands, while providing improved stability, and it does so while retaining a very affordable price tag.

Tech Specs

  • Load capacity: Not Specified
  • Height: Adjustable from 24.8″ to 35″
  • Width: 18.9″ to 20.9″
  • Depth: Not Specified
  • Construction: Steel Square Tubing with Locking Mechanism
  • Weight: 10.1 lbs
  • Support arms:: None
Unfortunately this is no longer available new in stores but you can see excellent alternatives in our guide to The Best Keyboard Stands.

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