Orange Crush CR120C 120W 2×12″ Guitar Combo Amp (Discontinued)

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The CR120C appeared on our recommended list for Solid State Guitar Amps from July 2021 until January 2022 when it was removed due to a lack of availability.


The Orange Crush CR120C is part of their streamlined line of solid state combo amps with no digital amp modeling.

While most manufacturers have gone down the DSP route, Orange stays on the beaten path with their Crush series of solid state amps with no amp modeling. And interestingly, this line of streamlined amps are still rated highly, even in the face of more sophisticated and complex digital amps.

The CR120C in particular is a 120-Watt amplifier paired with two 12″ speakers, which means that this amp is meant to go really loud. It doesn’t give you the ability to choose between amp models, rather it sticks to the tried and tested 2-channel formula, one for clean and one for dirty.

What separates this from digital amps is the use of multi-gain stages to achieve its tone, much like how solid state pedals work. The dirty channel gives you the unmistakably Orange crunch tone via four gain stages, while the clean channel utilizes two gain stages.

It also has a built-in reverb which you can set to spring, hall or plate.

This is a true stage ready workhorse amp, ideal for those who prefer tweaking pedals and rackmount effects instead of playing with settings on their amp.


  • 120 Watts
  • 2 x 12” Speaker
  • 2-Channel Multi-Gain stage Amplifier
  • Built-in Reverb (Hall, Plate, Spring)
  • Effects Loop
Unfortunately this is no longer available new in stores – for excellent alternatives see our guide to The Best Solid State Amps.


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