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Outlaw Effects Nomad M128 Medium Rechargeable Powered Pedalboard (19.25″ x 11″) (Discontinued)

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Outlaw Effects

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The Nomad M128 has a built-in rechargeable power supply.

Outlaw Effects equipped this board with a 12800mAh lithium ion battery, for up to 10 hours of playing time on a 3-hour charge time (based on five 9V pedals running). The built-in power supply has seven 9V DC outputs, and even has two outputs dedicated to 12V DC pedals, and it has one output that can be switched to 18V or 24V DC. This means that it can power up many types of pedals using the board’s internal battery.

It also comes with a plethora of cables so you can start setting up your pedals right out of the box.

Having a battery powered pedalboard / power supply allows you to play where you normally couldn’t, just pair it with a battery powered amp. It can also be used to isolate your pedals in venues where electrical issues cause unwanted humming.

In addition to being convenient to setup, it can work while plugged in to a power outlet.

Finally, the Nomad M128 comes with a gig bag with padded shoulder strap.


  • Frame: Metal Rail
  • Inclination: Flat
  • Board Dimensions: 19.25″ x 11″
  • Softcase Dimensions: Not Specified
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Pedal Fastener: Hook & Loop Adhesive
  • Accessories: Power Cables, Zip Ties, and Soft Case with Should Strap.


This pedalboard is rated highly for the convenience it provides. You no longer need to have to get a separate power supply, and it even goes beyond the usual power supply by incorporating a built-in battery into the unit. Many appreciate this feature, especially when playing in venues where the wiring is just noisy.


Some users wish that the pedalboard itself was wider, to make better use of its many power output options.


With its built-in power supply and battery, this is one convenient and portable pedalboard that anyone can benefit from, regardless of experience.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Guitar Pedal Boards.

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