Peavey 6505 Plus 112 Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier 60W 1x12 (Discontinued)


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Peavey 6505 Plus 112 Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier 60W 1x12
Peavey 6505 Plus 112 Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier 60W 1x12

The 6505 Plus 112 is a direct descendent of the Peavey 5150 Eddie Van Halen signature which up to this day is sought after its high gain tone. Peavey changed the name to 6505 after EVH parted ways with the company.

This particular model is rated at 60W and equipped with a 12" Sheffield speaker.

It has five 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6GC power tubes, and comes in a 2-channel format with pre/post gain controls and 3-band EQ per channel.

Other features include effects loop and built-in Accutronics 3-spring reverb.


  • Power Rating: 60W
  • Preamp Tube: 5 x 12AX7
  • Poweramp Tube: 2 x 6L6GC
  • Speaker: 1 x 12" Sheffield
  • Input: 1 x Instrument
  • Output: 2 x Speaker, 1 x MSCI (XLR)
  • Cabinet: Rear Ported
  • Control Knobs: Pre Channel: Presence, Resonance, Post, Pre, High, Mid, Low / Reverb
  • Weight: 64.2 lbs

As expected, most of the positive reviews are from rock and metal style guitarists who are into mid to high-gain distortion and the sustain that it affords you. Many appreciate the 6505 Plus 112's Pre / Post gain controls which allows them to better personalize their sound. It also gets a lot of thumbs up for being really loud when needed. There are even a few who report that they can get good clean tones out of the amp.

Speaking of clean tones, not everyone is pleased with it. At 64.2 lbs, this monster sounding amp can also be a monster to carry.

The Peavey 6505 Plus 112 should be near the top of the list for rock and metal players who are looking for a reliable high-gain tube amp.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, it is no longer available new in stores, however there are many other highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Combo Tube Amps.