Peterson StroboClip SC-1 Clip-On Guitar Tuner (Discontinued)


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Peterson StroboClip SC-1 Clip On Guitar Tuner

When it comes to precision tuning, many professional artists such as Steve Stevens, Nu-Blu Bluegrass and Rich Robinson trust Peterson Strobe tuners.

Thankfully, they made their impressive 1/10 cent accurate strobe tuning available in clip-on format. To achieve this in a compact clip-on format, they created a virtual version of their Strobe tuner technology that takes less space and does not utilize moving parts.

Because of its accuracy, it can even tune acoustic guitars with the complex Buzz Feiten Tuning System, and you can do so without much hassle thanks to its intuitive display and controls.

In addition to accuracy, the company packed StroboClip with other nifty features, most notable of which is its multi-instrument compatibility wherein it can tune Ukuleles, Banjos, Mandolins and Dobros with ease.

Other features include multiple tuning and capo settings that allow for quick tuning changes during live performances.

It would've been nicer if the price tag was a bit cheaper, but even still, the Peterson StroboClip is a worthy investment if you're looking for a reliable and accurate tuner.