Plixio/Liquid Stands Keyboard Stand Z Style w/ Wheels


86 out of 100. Incorporating 2900+ ratings and reviews.

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Plixio/Liquid Stands Keyboard Stand  Z Style with Wheels

This one is a simple variation to the Plixio Z Style, the main difference being the addition of wheels.

This seemingly simple addition made enough of a difference to receive a recommendation from us, an impressive feat given that this stand is from a relatively unknown brand.

There's not much difference to the other Z-style stand in terms of features, having a steel frame that accommodates both height and width adjustments. It carries the same set of nifty features as the non-wheel version including a headphone hook and anchoring straps for securing your keyboard on the stand.

Note that because of the wheels, the height setting is a bit higher by around half an inch, but the incremental adjustments are the same - 1.5 increments from 22.5" to 33.5".

Width adjustments are retained at 22.5" to 33.5", with 2" increments.


  • Load capacity: 250 lb
  • Height: Adjustable from 22.5" to 33.5" (1.5" Increments)
  • Width: Adjustable from 22.5" to 33.5" (2" Increments)
  • Depth: Not Specified
  • Construction: Steel Frame
  • Weight: 16.12 lbs


Versatility being its best trait is a common theme among its vast number of reviews. Users are pleased that they don't have to worry much about their keyboard fitting into the stand, which is even more important for beginners and the people that are buying their gear. As a testament to it being a true universal stand, there are plenty of reports of it working with different keyboard and MIDI controller models and makes, including those from Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Arturia and many more. There are users who position this stand under their computer desk, turning it into a psuedo pull-out keyboard stand that doesn't hamper legroom by much.


Wheels are not for everybody, especially those who like to play their keyboards with a bit more force. While they can be locked in place, they are not as stable as a non-slip rubber footing.


This is a reasonably good z-style stand good for holding and moving heavy keyboards around your studio.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Keyboard Stands.