Pro Co StageMaster Balanced XLR Cable 30'


90 out of 100. Incorporating 250+ ratings and reviews.

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ProCo StageMaster Balanced XLR Cable 15'

ProCo Sound is more popular for their guitar distortion pedal called "Rat", but they also make affordable musical equipment including microphone XLR cables. Their StageMaster is doing well in the market, thanks to its accessible price tag and good performance. Having a thinner 24 AWG wire, this cable is meant to be flexible and easy to roll for stage performance use.


  • Length: 30’
  • Available Lengths: 1' to 100'
  • Metal nickel-plated XLR Connectors
  • Low-noise twisted-pair 24 AWG wire
  • 90% Shield Coverage (Copper)


Users continue to report putting this cable to good use in a variety of situations, from small to medium sized band performance stages, to recording setups, to DJ performances. A common theme in reviews is that this cable gets the job done nicely and does so while keeping a very affordable price tag. The ProCo StageMaster XLR cable also receives a lot of thumbs up for its premium feel.


There are a few who report maintenance issues. Others rate it slightly lower because they are unhappy with its sound quality. Still many are are content with its performance, especially when considering its price point and accessibility.


This was on our recommended list until we did a thorough review of the category in November 2018, at which time we found there were more highly rated options, which you can find in our guide to The Best XLR Cables.