Quilter Labs MicroBlock 45 45-Watt Guitar Amp Head Pedal (Discontinued)


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Quilter Labs MicroBlock 45 45-Watt Guitar Amp Head Pedal

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The Quilter Labs MicroBlock 45 is a 45 Watt guitar amp in compact stompbox form factor.

Ironically, there's nothing to stomp on, as it only has three knobs that let you adjust Gain, Master and Tri-Q (a one-knob EQ tone control).

The Tri-Q tone is designed to allow for a wide range of voicing, from scooped clean to mid focused lead.

Unlike preamp pedals that need to connect to a power amp, the MicroBlock 45 is a preamp and poweramp all to itself, complete with a speaker out and a headphones out.

Speaking of headphones out, you can also use this as line level output for those who want to plug into a PA system, or for connecting to another pedal.


  • 45 Watt
  • Guitar Amp Head in Pedal Form Factor
  • Speaker and Headphone Out
  • Gain, Tri-Q (1-knob EQ) and Master Controls
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs.


Those who rate the Quilter Lab MicroBlock 45 highly describe it as fun compact amp that gets the job done. Many appreciate how it simplifies their setup, while others get it as a portable alternative or a back-up amp. Tone quality is also highly regarded, along with the versatility afforded by its seemingly limited 3-knob interface.


There are a few who aren't that impressed with its sound quality. Obviously, this will not appeal to those who need modern tone shaping on the amp itself.


If you're looking for a quality yet compact amp head that'll sit nicely on your pedalboard, then check this pedal out.

This is no longer available but you can see alternatives in our guide to The Best Guitar Amps Under $200 - Combo / Head / Pedal.

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