Rode SM6 Studio Shock Mount With Detachable Pop Filter Review

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Mounted and Loaded

Shockmounts are an essential item in the studio. They prevent resonance from the room from being transferred to the mic via the stand. The Rode SM6 is a thoughtful inclusion to their best-selling Rode NT1 kit but is compatible with many other Rode condenser microphones.

The SM6 shock mount and pop filter is commonly included with the Rode NT1 kit. It’s a robust, all metal frame with heavy duty woven elastic bands holding the cradle in place. Most shock mounts have a basic rubber band system that is prone to breakage.

What’s unique about it is that the dual layer pop filter is included in the assembly. The pop filter itself is 5.5″ in diameter and is affixed to the front of the Shock Mount.

Rode SM6
The Rode SM6 mounted on a vertical mic stand. It might be too heavy for lighter boom arm stands.

The main con to the unit is the weight. While solidly built, it might be too heavy for some mic stands. To alleviate this, mounting it on a vertical mic stand or a boom arm with a counterweight is the best option. I’m using a straight stand in these photos and it stays firmly in place.


  • Double Screen Mesh
  • 5.5″ Diameter Filter Screen
  • Designed for Rode Condenser Microphones


  • Only for Rode condenser mics
  • Is too heavy for some mic stands


  • Combination of pop filter and shock mount is great value
  • Dual layer mesh doesn’t affect sound
  • Solidly built
  • Elastic bands made to last
Rode NT1 on Shockmount
Pictured is the Rode NT1 with the SM6 Shockmount and Pop Filter


If you own a Rode condenser and need a solid shock mount with a built in pop filter, the Rode SM6 is the first one you should consider.

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