Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Portable Electronic Drum Set (Discontinued)


88 out of 100. Incorporating 150+ ratings and reviews.

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Roland TD-4KP V-Drums
Roland TD-4KP V-Drums

With their years of experience building portable instruments and amplifiers, Roland knows how to balance quality, affordability and portability, as exemplified by this drum kit.

The TD-4KP's distinct feature is its foldable drum stand, which hastens breakdown/setup, and lessens its overall footprint for convenient storage and transport.

And it does all this without straying too far from the familiar drum kit setup, making it ideal for drummers who are always on the go, and for those who reside in small dorms and apartments.

It comes with a complete complement of pads and cymbals, all of which feature Roland's brand of reliability and playability.

The TD-4 drum module has 25 drum kits to choose from, and it allows you to customize the sound of each pad/cymbal with a variety of instrument sounds.

Roland's student friendly features are available, including metronome, recording and Coach function.


  • Snare: 1 x Snare (Rubber)
  • Toms: 3 x Toms (Rubber)
  • Cymbals: 2 x CY-5 (2-trigger 9.5" Rubber with Choke)
  • Hi-Hat: CY-5 (2-trigger 9.5" Rubber with Choke) with FD-8 Pedal
  • Kick Pad: Built-in Kick Pad (Kick Pedal Not Included but you can use any standard kick pedal)
  • Drum Stand: Foldable Stand
  • Drum Module: TD-4
  • Module Sounds: 25 Drum Kits, 86 Instrument Sounds
  • Extra Features: Coach, Metronome, Recording
  • Module Inputs: 1/8" Aux In,
  • Module Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (Stereo Out), 1/4" Headphones, MIDI Out
  • USB: None
  • Power Supply: AC Adapter
  • Dimensions: 39.38" x 47.25" x 49.25"
  • Weight: 27.56 lbs.


Many experts and experienced users describe the Roland TD-4KP as the best portable electronic drum kit. As a testament to that, the unit's foldable design, and build quality are among its most commended features. Many are impressed with the drum module's versatility, especially when considering its diminutive size. Sound quality also got a lot of thumbs up, even from drummers who weren't expecting much from the kit.


The most common complaint is that you have to buy the kick pedal separately, although that fact is explicitly mentioned by Roland and their retail partners. Some users cautioned that it feels a bit fragile and suggest folding and moving the drum around with a bit more care. Finally, some users got more out of their TD-4KP when they swapped the rubber snare pad with a mesh head snare like the Roland PDX-8.


Although the TD-4KP is a worth electronic drum kit, Roland have discontinued it. For alternatives see our guide to The Highest Rated Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000.