Samson C01 Cardioid Condenser Microphone


90 out of 100. Incorporating 1550+ ratings and reviews.

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Samson C01

The Samson C01 is another all-around cardioid pattern condenser microphone that continues to get rave reviews in the sub $100 market. It comes with a large capsule 19mm diaphragm design that makes it work great for vocals and acoustic instruments, while it also has a high SPL handling capability of over 140dB, excellently handling overhead drum mic duties. And more importantly, it does all this while retaining a very accessible price tag.


Ratings and reviews are consistently favorable, and after having used the C01 myself, I am one of the many that attest to its quality and reliability. Speaking of reliability, many have reported accidentally dropping this mic a number of times, and it still worked fine. A good number of reviewers also reported carrying this mic around without encountering any problems, describing it as a worry free solution for mobile recording needs.


Some have expressed concern on how the mic adds a bit more low-end, but we can't really expect a super transparent mic in this price range - plus, that extra low end works great for acoustic guitars and male vocals.


While I have since upgraded to the Samson C03u with its switchable multiple patterns and USB connectivity, the C01 is still a great affordable alternative that will be able to handle most if not all single instrument/vocal recording and live duties.