Samson Concert 99 Handheld Wireless Microphone System


85 out of 100. Incorporating 10+ ratings and reviews.

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Samson Concert 99 Handheld
Samson Concert 99 Handheld

Companies like Samson make it possible for musicians to enjoy quality gear at lower price points. Case in point is the Samson Concert 99 which is an affordable wireless microphone system that comes packed with features.

Most notable of which is its IR Sync and Group scan function, which allows for easy setup of up to 8 systems in one band - more than enough for the needs of most stages and events. The handheld transmitter comes equipped with Samson's Q8 dynamic mic capsule and runs on 2 x AA batteries that provide up to 8 hours of operation. Other features include 1-touch mute and variable gain.

Feature Overview

  • Mic frequency response: 50Hz to 15kHz
  • Receiver frequency: UHF 542MHz - 566MHz
  • Range: Up to 300 feet / 100m (Line of Sight)
  • One XLR output and one 1/4" TRS Mixed output
  • Transmitter Battery: 2 x AA (Up to 8 Hours)
  • IR sync function with Up to 8 Systems running per channel
  • Rack mountable

The Samson Concert 99 Handheld is described by many as one of the best entry-level wireless microphone systems, and they point to its easy setup and sound clarity as its standout traits. Reviewers report satisfactory performance in various settings, including houses of worship, mobile DJ setups and events like weddings. There were a few that recommend having backup batteries at all times, and to replace the battery before it starts to die out to avoid signal drops during events.

We were recommending the Samson Concert 99 Wireless Mic until March 2018 however when we performed a major review of the category we found that it's ratings had slipped while other systems had gone up and so it came off our recommended list. You can see our current recommendations in our guide to The Best Wireless Microphone Systems.