Savarez 500AR Classical Guitar Strings - Normal Tension


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Savarez 500AR Classical Guitar Strings - Normal Tension

Gearank High Notes

Gearank Recommendation

The 500AR string set appeared on our recommended list for Medium / Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings from July 2019 until August 2020 when they were removed due to being out-ranked by other string sets.


As far as classical guitar string tech is concerned, Savarez offers some of the more advanced in terms of material composition.

The 500AR set features a special formulation for the treble strings and special winding and polishing for the bass strings.

The Savarez 500AR strings are generally applauded as being one of the best premium sets available in the market today.

For those who feel that no set gives them everything they want, the 500AR might be worth a shot for your next string change.


  • Alliance KF Carbon Fiber treble strings
  • Silver plated copper wound bass strings
  • Treble gauges: .024, .027, .033
  • Bass gauges: .027, .034, .043
While these were previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated normal / medium tension strings available which you can find in our guide to The Best Nylon / Classical Guitar Strings.