Savarez 540R Alliance Classical Guitar Strings - Normal Tension


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Savarez 540R Alliance Classical Guitar Strings

The most important thing to know about the Savrez 540 series is that the sets are a combination of nylon and fluorocarbon, with nylon being used on the basses and fluorocarbon on the trebles. This results in a very well-rounded tone, with clear and articulate high-end representation as well as a rich bass response. These strings would be a very good fit for fast paced and intricate fingerstyle arrangements, though because the treble strings aren’t as rich as those made from nylon they may lack the lyrical quality you find in good nylon treble strings.

Savarez has a good track record for quality control, and judging by the user reception there doesn’t seem to be anything that suggests that these strings won’t be a viable option for average musicians or those who perform at a hobbyist level. There are a few reports that the fluorocarbon trebles are a bit slippery when compared to nylon, which means you may end up having to take more care when stringing an instrument with this set. This will be an inconvenience to beginners, but if you’ve been playing nylon strings for a while you shouldn’t have any problems with these strings.

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