Savarez Classical Rectified Nylon Low Tension Guitar Strings (520B)


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Savarez 520B Classical Rectified Nylon Low Tension Guitar Strings

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The 520B's were on our recommended list for Nylon / Classical Guitar Strings from July 2021 until August 2022 when they were out-ranked by the D'Addario EJ43 set.


The Savarez 520B features "Rectified" nylon strings in its treble set, similar to the 520R, the main difference is that this set is meant for those who prefer low tension sets.

This low tension feel combined with the distinct texture of Rectified nylon strings allow for easy playability, better intonation and tuning stability.

Although a bit pricey, some users recommend this as a good string set for students and beginners.


  • Rectified Nylon Treble Strings
  • Silverplate Round Wound with Nylon Core
  • Treble gauges: .028, .035, .044
  • Bass gauges: .030, .034, .042
Although these were previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options in our guide to The Best Nylon / Classical Guitar Strings.