Sequenz Standard-L-SV Large A-Frame Keyboard Stand


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Sequenz Standard-L-SV Large A-Frame Keyboard Stand

The Sequenz' Standard-L-SV is the larger sibling of the Standard-M-SV, meant for big 88-note keyboards, with a premium looking A-frame profile that visually stands out.

The frame is made from chrome-plated steel pipe and it features a rack that attaches on two main poles. This attachment is where you can make height, angle and depth adjustments, and there's also room to install multiple racks should you choose to get one (available at

Like it's medium size sibling, the A-frame design allows for more space for your feet and pedals.


  • Load capacity: 77 lbs. per tier or 154 lbs. Total
  • Height: Adjustable from 26" to 43"
  • Width: 56.5"
  • Depth: 19.5""
  • Construction: Chrome-Plated Steel
  • Weight: 77 lbs


Owners are quite pleased with what they got for the money, they are impressed with its combination of good looks and reliability. And reliability is very important considering that this stand is meant to secure expensive 88-key instruments. Adjustability is also another commended trait, along with ease of setup.


This is not a budget keyboard stand, the investment needed is beyond the average budget allotted by many musicians for their keyboard stands. And as mentioned, its fixed width is meant for long keyboards.


Give your premium 88-key keyboard an equally premium stand, checkout the Sequenz Standard-L-SV.

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