Seydel Big Six Blues Classic Harmonica - Key of C


91 out of 100. Incorporating 175+ ratings and reviews.

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Seydel Big Six Blues Classic Harmonica - Key of C

The Big Six Blues Classic is a 6 hole miniature harmonica that comes with a decorative tin can packaging, and a lanyard to wear it around your neck.

At first glance it looks like a toy, but it actually produces a professional sound since it has the same stainless steel reeds modeled after the Classic Seydel 1847 harmonica.


  • Type: Diatonic
  • Tuning: BIG SIX Blues
  • Number of holes: 6
  • Reeds: Stainless Steel
  • Cover plates: Stainless steel
  • Reed plates: Stainless Steel
  • Comb: Wood
  • Length: 2.9 in


For a small harmonica, many reviewers mentioned the Big Six Blues produced a clean sound, full and as loud as a standard 10-hole harmonica. Even with just six holes, a lot of users found it easy to bend notes and were able to play a variety of songs. There were also reports of combs not swelling after long periods of time, even though it's made out of wood.


On the other hand, there were some users that preferred a harmonica with wider range. Some of them, who are used to playing a 10 hole harmonica, find it a bit challenging to use and may take some time to adjust to because of its size.


This is a good option if you want a small and compact harmonica that still packs a punch. It was on our recommended list until we undertook a major review of the category and there are now more highly rated options that we recommend in our guide to The Best Harmonicas for Blues - Top Blues Harps.