Seymour Duncan SH-1b 1959 Model Nickel Bridge Electric Guitar Pickup


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Seymour Duncan SH-1 1959 Model Nickel Bridge Electric Guitar Pickup

The Seymour Duncan SH-1b is a drop-in humbucker designed to reproduce the vibe and tone of classic Seth Lover-designed PAF pickups found on Gibson Les Pauls in the late '50s.

Not to be confused with the Seymour Duncan Seth Lover SH-55, The SH-1b was made to be slightly more modern with a mid scoop and more compression.

It follows after vintage specs, including the single-conductor cable, long-legged bottom plate, and the use of 42AWG plain enamel wire.


  • Position: Bridge
  • Magnet Material: Alnico 5
  • Dimensions: Not Stated
  • String Spacing: Not Stated (Les Paul)
  • Available Colors/Covers: Five Color Combinations, 2 Pickup Cover Colors

Most satisfied adopters of the Seymour Duncan SH-1b installed it on affordable Epiphone Les Paul style guitars and other similar guitars. Many of them describe it to be a night and day improvement, and they report that it works nicely for a variety of musical styles. Some who own more expensive Gibson Les Paul models who swapped their factory-installed pickups with the SH-1b and find it to be a good replacement pickup.

If you're looking for a hot, high output humbucker, this is not for you. Since Seymour Duncan tweaked the pickup to be scooped, it may not meet the standards of those who are looking for more vintage-correct tones.

With its high rating, the Seymour Duncan SH-1b is sure to be a good replacement humbucker for those who are looking to improve the sound of their Les Paul style guitar.

This was previously on our recommended list for Guitar Pickups Under $100 but was removed due to a price increase.

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