Seymour Duncan SH-PG1b Pearly Gates Bridge Nickel Electric Guitar Pickup


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Seymour Duncan SH-PG1b Pearly Gates Bridge Electric Guitar Pickup

Billy Gibbons of the band ZZ Top is the main catalyst for this pickup, since it is based on the bridge pickup of his '59 Gibson Les Paul.

Seymour Duncan looked into his pickup and developed his own version that reproduces the original's hotter output and Texas blues style trebly tone.

The pickup features Alnico 2 bar magnet, nickel silver bottom plate and 4-conductor lead wire for those who want split-coil functionality.

Interestingly, each Pearly Gates pickup are wound on a winding machine that were actually used by Gibson in their Kalamazoo, Michigan factory.


  • Position: Bridge
  • Magnet Material: Alnico 2
  • Dimensions: Not Stated
  • String Spacing: Not Stated (Les Paul)
  • Available Colors/Covers: 5 color options, 2 pickup cover colors

This humbucker is often described as sweet sounding with good sustain and harmonics. Users can't get enough of how good it sounds with subtle overdrive, and there are also reports of it sounding great in cleaner settings and even when paired with high gain distortion. While this pickup is primarily based on a Les Paul humbucker, that didn't stop users from installing this pickup on Strat and other types of guitars with great results.

Since this is more akin to vintage humbuckers, it may not meet the needs of those who are looking for a high-gain humbucker.

If you're looking for a traditional sounding humbucker with a dash of modern clarity, then the Pearly Gates bridge pickup is highly recommended.

Although this used to be on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Electric Guitar Pickups.