Seymour Duncan Vise Grip Guitar Compressor Pedal (Discontinued)


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Seymour Duncan Vise Grip Studio Grade Guitar Compressor Pedal

Gearank Recommendation

The Vise Grip appeared on our recommended list for Guitar Compressor Pedals from July 2017 until August 2018.


Unfortunately this is no longer available new in stores but you can see excellent alternatives in our guide to The Best Guitar Compressor Pedals.


This pedal is arguably one of the best available for those of you who want a lot of control over how your tone is affected by your compression pedal. The most interesting feature of the Vise Grip is that you can control which unaffected frequency range is introduced back into your signal when you use the pedal’s blend knob.

Put a bit less technically, when most compression pedals have blend knobs they reintroduce the entirety of your signal when used. The difference with the Vise Grip is that you can select which part of your frequency range is reintroduced. So say you want an organic sounding treble response, you can select “High” on the switch located on the upper-middle of the pedal and reintroduce it using the blend knob.

Another important feature of this pedal is that it has an attack knob, which is great if you’re looking to switch between more “squashed” levels of compression or a more organic tone.

This compressor is also considered to be pretty transparent, so you won’t have to worry about it drastically changing your tone. Because it’s true bypass it also won’t cause a drop in treble frequencies or volume when it isn’t engaged.


  • VCA Compression
  • Parameters: Blend, Attack, Volume, Sustain
  • True Bypass
  • 9-Volt Battery or 9vdc Adapter