Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Dynamic Handheld Microphone


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Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Dynamic Handheld Microphone

While most claims for innovation are mostly hyped, the Shure KSM8's dual diaphragm design moving coil capsule is a genuinely new technology that achieves a wider sweetspot and reduces the dreaded proximity effect. This allows for more freedom of movement and positioning, while keeping the sound quality consistent.

This complex capsule design is a bit more sensitive and prone to damage, but since this mic is developed by Shure, you can be sure of reliability and durability.


  • Type: Dynamic (Dual Diaphragm)
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-16kHz
  • Impedance: 300 ohms
  • Sensitivity: -51.5 dBV/Pa (2.66 mV)
  • Applications: Live vocals
  • Power Requirements: None


Market response continues to be highly positive, as Shure KSM8 continues to impress users and even experts. Many were surprised by how the proximity effect is virtually non-existent with this mic, allowing them to sing close or further from the mic as they like without muddying or thinning the sound. Sound on Sound wraps up what makes this mic great nicely by writing: "Overall, the KSM8 appears to be a very impressive stage mic, both in terms of its practical sonic benefits, and in its innovative technology and sophisticated engineering."


There were a few who wished that the mic was more affordable, but are more than happy to still rate the mic highly given the complexity of the mic's dual diaphragm design and its practical results.


The Shure KSM8 was previously on our recommended list, however after a thorough review of handheld mics conducted during October 2018, we are now recommending alternatives in the category of Live Vocal Mics $300 to $500.

Shure KSM8 Frequency Response Chart:

Shure KSM8 frequency response chart

Shure KSM8 Polar Pattern Chart:

Shure KSM8 polar pattern chart