TC Electronic Ditto Looper


91 out of 100. Incorporating 4100+ ratings and reviews.

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TC Electronic Ditto Looper


  • True bypass and Analog-Dry-Through
  • 5 minutes of looping
  • Undo / Redo function
  • Unlimited overdubs

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Many experts and users agree that the TC Electronic Ditto is the best entry-level guitar looper pedal. While its compact size and intuitive design are its strongest points on paper, reviews point to its sound quality as its best feature. Some even report that the humble Ditto sounds better than bigger than more expensive units, which is quite the compliment. Charles Saufley wrote in Premier Guitar, "If there’s a prize for musical return in relation to operational simplicity and expense, it’s hard to imagine a more worthy contender than the Ditto Looper—ever."

There are a few who complained about not having the option to run on batteries, while others cautioned that the one footswitch control requires a bit more time to master. Obviously, this pedal is not for musicians who are looking to do complex looping performances due to the 5 minute recording limitation with no memory expansion slots.

With its simplicity and sound quality, the TC Electronic Ditto Looper is a great pedal to start your journey into the world of looping.

Hands On Reports

Website Source *Rating Value
Premier Guitar Charles Saufley 93/100
Music Radar Simon Bradley 80/100
Guitarist Next Door Teemu Suomala 90/100
*Displayed values are prior to the Gearank Algorithm's adjustments it makes when evaluating the source.