TC Electronic HyperGravity Guitar Compressor Pedal


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TC Electronic HyperGravity Guitar Compressor Pedal

The first thing to know about TC Electronic pedals is that many of them come with Tone Print technology. Tone Print is software that allows you to edit a variety of parameters, which essentially means that you can dial in just about any compression response you could possibly want. The Tone Print setting is the middle position on the “Voicing” control.

Something cool about this pedal is that while it’s (proudly) all digital, the “Vintage” position of the voicing control replicates early analog compressors remarkably well. What makes this so remarkable is that it’s an incredibly harsh contrast to the “Spectra” position, which is a clear and transparent compression. The “Vintage” position is very darkly voiced, which tends to pair well with brightly voiced instruments.


  • Multi-Band Compression
  • Parameters: Sustain, Level, Attack, Blend, Voicing Switch
  • Tone Print Technology
  • True Bypass
  • 9-Volt Batteries or 9-Volt AC Adapter

Another great feature of this pedal is the blend control, which allows you to combine the unaffected signal with the compressed signal. This helps to retain more of your guitar’s tone while still benefiting from the tightened dynamic range you get from compression.

While we wouldn’t necessarily call it a flaw, we would say that in order to get the most out of this pedal you are going to have to go into the Tone Print software and edit your parameters. Both the “Spectra” and “Vintage” settings sound good in their own right, but unless you use the Tone Print software you’re not going to have access to the majority of editable parameters.