TheFretWire Singlecut Semi Hollow DIY Electric Guitar Kit


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TheFretWire DIY Electric Guitar Kit - SemiHollow LP
TheFretWire DIY Electric Guitar Kit - SemiHollow LP

The single cutaway shape of this DIY Guitar Kit is a nod to the iconic Les Paul.

But as the label suggests, this one has a semi-hollow body, also made more obvious by the pre-routed F-holes on the body.

It is a bit more difficult to install electronics in a hollow body guitar, to prevent the wires from showing up on the F-holes, but it is still doable.

The guitar's body is crafted from basswood, with extra visual flair courtesy of the quilted maple veneer on the top.

The set-in neck is crafted from maple, and is topped by a rosewood fingerboard.

All components needed are bundled with this kit, including the bridge/tailpiece, tuner, pickups and other electronic components.

Note that the wood is raw and unfinished so it will require sanding and patching before applying your preferred finish.


  • Building Difficulty: 9/10
  • Body: Single-cutaway Semi-Hollow Les Paul Style
  • Tonewood: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Pickups: HH (Two Humbuckers)
  • Controls: 2 Tone, 2 Volume, 3-Way Pickup Selector

Most of the kudos point to wood quality, which many describe as excellent and great looking. Most of the owners love the overall appeal of the kit when put together, even with its default configuration.

Some raised concerns about hardware quality, a common theme among affordable DIY kits. Others complain about the fretwork quality.

Ever wanted to have your own signature Les Paul style guitar, and a semi-hollow one at that? Then check out the FretWire Singlecut Semi-Hollow DIY

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