Truetone VS-XO Dual Overdrive Pedal

93 out of 100. Incorporating 60+ ratings and reviews.

From manufacturer:

Do you appreciate the deep complexities of a lovingly created, thoughtfully toiled over, barrel-aged beverage? Would you define yourself as a tone-savoring guitarist or bassist with a well-cultivated palate? Have you been looking for an Overdrive pedal that will offer you a cornucopia of tonal options to explore? Well…, we may just have an answer for your longings in our most eXtraordinary Overdrive to date, the VS-XO Premium Overdrive pedal! One of the most versatile Overdrive pedals to ever rock planet Earth, this double circuited box-o-plenty can give you clean boost, subtle crunch, amp-like grind, compressed distortion, and fat, fully-saturated sounds that will make your bacon sizzle!!