Valeton EP-2 Passive Volume Expression Pedal


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Valeton EP-2 Passive Volume Expression Pedal

While a smooth taper and a durable casing are a must-have for gigging musicians, those of us who mostly play in our bedroom and lightly (if ever) gig don’t really need to shell out a bunch of money for the best gear money can buy.

While Valeton may not be a household name, the EP-2 is worth a solid look for anyone who’s just wanting a basic volume/expression pedal to get the job done. The unit, as implied by the name, pulls double duty as an expression and volume pedal; two tasks which it performs admirably.

Key Features:

  • Design: Volume Pedal
  • Circuit: Passive
  • Best For: Works with both Passive & Active Pickups
  • Dimensions: 5.85" x 2.58" x 2.40"
  • Weight: 0.55 lbs

Being a passive pedal, the EP-2 also doesn’t require any external power source in order to function. Because of this, it’s a bit more hassle-free than a unit that would require either a battery or a power adapter.

The main complaint that some musicians have with the unit is that the taper isn’t the smoothest around. A taper is the curve which volume reduction follows, with a smooth taper offering a lot of room between full volume and no volume. This is a bit of a drawback if you’re planning on using this pedal a lot, but it won’t be as big of a deal if you’re using it in a more limited capacity.

The unit also comes with a hard plastic casing, which while not reliable enough for gigging will likely hold up just fine under regular practice conditions.


Great pedal, works perfectly

Great pedal, works perfectly both as volume and as expression for all my pedalboards and single pedals that allow to connect expression pedals (Boss GP 10, Zoom B2 for bass, Boss DD-7 delay).