Vic Firth American Classic 5B Wood Drum Sticks - Wood Tip


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Vic Firth American Classic 5B Wood Drum Sticks

The Fic Firth American Classic 5B set is similar to the 5A set.

It’s still made from hickory which gives it a really nice combination of power, durability, and dynamic range.

However, the B models are significantly wider than the A models.

This translates into more weight, which means that you’ll have a harder time controlling your dynamics. However, you’ll also have a higher maximum volume.


  • Tip Material: Hickory
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Diameter: 0.595”
  • Length: 16”
  • Taper: Medium

While the increase in weight makes the B models a bit hard to handle, it does make them a great fit for genres that benefit from a louder and more intense tone but don’t require a lot of intricate techniques. Think rock and roll and more upbeat blues. Harder genres of rock and metal definitely benefit from heavier sticks as well, but the heavier sticks can make more intricate fills and rhythms harder to pull off.

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