Vic Firth 5ADT Dual Tone 5A Drum Sticks/Mallets - Wood Tip


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Vic Firth 5ADT Dual Tone 5A Drum Sticks/Mallets

Vic Firth’s Dual Tone 5A Drum Sticks/Mallets are essentially a 5A drumstick on one end and a (synthetic) felt tipped mallet on the other end.

Basically, this set is a perfect fit for the drummer who’s looking to quickly switch between a standard drum head and a mallet without switching sticks.

As far as the stick end is concerned you aren’t going to notice a huge difference between this set and a normal Vic Firth 5A set (once you get used to the felt on the end of course). It’s still made from hickory, it has a medium taper, and it’s only an eighth of an inch longer.


  • Tip Material: Felt/Hickory
  • Weight: Not Specified
  • Diameter: 0.565”
  • Length: 16 1/8”
  • Taper: Medium

Owners love how the Dual Tone 5As let you seamlessly switch between mallets and regular drumsticks without having to switch sticks. The benefit then extends to convenience and space saving, which is very important for busy drummers who are always on the go and playing different styles. There are also plenty of users who are pleasantly surprised at how balanced they feel, even when using the mallet.

These sticks are basically normal drums stick with a mallet on one end. This means that they aren’t going to be as good as a dedicated mallet, so if you’re looking to get a proper mallet tone and response you may be happier going with a traditional option. Some also found that the felt was too flimsily attached to the stick but none reported it actually coming off.

Vic Firth Dual Tone 5A Drum Sticks/Mallets are a true 2-in-1 package that'll make a good and practical addition to any drummer's stick bag.