Vic Firth Single Sided 12" Drum Practice Pad


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Vic Firth Single Sided 12" Drum Practice Pad

Vic Firth’s Single Sided 12" Drum Practice Pad is the 12" version of the Vic Firth’s 6" pad, with the only notable difference between the two being their size. Though the materials and design are very similar, the size of the pad you use can have a huge impact on your practice.

Larger pads are great if you’re looking to translate general movement back to your drum. This makes them a great choice for percussionists who are just starting out, because consistency is key when you’re developing the muscle memory necessary to play an instrument.


  • Size: 12"
  • Material: Gum Rubber

Another key factor with the soft rubber is that it doesn’t rebound to the point that harder gum rubber does (Lonestar Percussion is again the source used), which helps to develop stamina. It’s also generally quieter than harder rubber, which is a huge plus if volume is a prime concern.

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