Vizcaya Soprano Ukulele Mahogany 21" (Discontinued)


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Vizcaya Soprano Ukulele Mahogany 21"
Vizcaya Soprano Ukulele Mahogany 21"

The Vizcaya Soprano is a compact 21" ukulele with its body and neck crafted from mahogany, which is quite a deal given that it ships with free stuff that includes a clip-on tuner, gig bag, a "hook and loop" ukulele strap, a set of nylon strings, and 3 picks.

In addition, the 15-fret fingerboard and the bridge are both made from rosewood, so it gives you the feel of a real wooden instrument.

Other features include chrome-plated guitar style tuners, and a nice stain finish that easily separates it from the usual colorful ukuleles in this price range.


Overall response to the Vizcaya Soprano Ukulele is very positive, with most users alluding to its traditional look and sound. Many appreciate it's all mahogany construction, and even those who rate it slightly lower still approve of its tone. The extras that you get are also well appreciated by users, which ups its value for money even more.


There are a few complaints about the tuning pegs, while some are not too happy with the included strap, which is not as easy to use as regular guitar straps.


If you're looking for an affordable mahogany body ukulele, then this is a good one to get.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Soprano Ukuleles - Regular & Pineapple Shaped.

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