Vox VT40X Modeling Guitar Combo Amp 40W Meta-Review


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Vox VT40X
Vox VT40X

When digital modeling was introduced, the modeled tones lacked fidelity, nuance and dynamics. However, technology has been quickly catching up, blurring the sonic distinction between the real amps from their modeled counterparts.

To improve the feel and fidelity of their amp models, Vox decided to go the hybrid route with the Valvetronix+, combining digital modeling with a poweramp section that is driven by an actual tube. This practical method of melding two technologies helped give the amp improved fidelity and dynamics, getting ever closer to accurately representing the behavior of tube amps.

The latest amp to come from this line is the VT40X, which features updated modeling algorithms that sound closer to the real thing than ever, thanks to the utilization of a real tube. The poweramp section is driven by a 12 AX7 tube, which works in conjunction with 11 (up to 20 with software editor) distinct amp models and 13 effects that you can tweak, mix and edit to taste.

Nick Guppy said in his Music Radar review, "There's no real secret to this; they sound superb".

With its combination of digital modeling, analog tubes, and affordability, Vox VT40X is currently one of the best modeling amps available.

We highly recommend the Valvetronix VT40X, for its great balance of size, versatility, tone and cost. For further information see The Best Modeling Amplifiers: Vox VT40X.