Walrus Fathom Multi-Function Reverb Pedal

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Walrus Audio

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  • Steep learning curve


  • 4 reverb algorithms in one unit
  • Lush and full sounding
  • Allows for deep tweaking of parameters
  • Works great for both clean and overdriven tone

The Walrus Audio Fathom packs 4 reverb effect algorithms in one unit. Most notable of which is the Lo-Fi mode, a filtered reverb with control over filter width.

The Sonar mode adds low and high octaves with blend control. This results in unique textures that are not found in conventional reverb pedals. It also has traditional modes which include Plate and Hall, both of which allow for pre-delay time adjustments.

In addition to these modes, it gives you deep control over parameters. There are so many ways to shape the reverb response and blend it to the dry signal to taste.

The Walrus Audio Fathom sounds more premium than it actually is. It sounds lush and full, and works great for both clean and overdrive use.

Another cool feature of this pedal is its switchable trails mode, via the left footswitch. This lets you cut off the reverb tail instantly when you bypass the pedal. The other footswitch lets you control sustain and play over the trails. With its two footswitches, you can hold a chord and let it ring out while playing other parts.

All these features add up to make the Walrus Audio Fathom a versatile reverb pedal. It is capable of everything from subtle to ethereal ambience. Note that it will take a bit of time to master the controls, but learning them will let you make the most out of this pedal.

Build quality wise, there’s not much to complain about. And it also helps that it has a distinct look that makes it easily stand out. For the price, you’re getting quality that rivals more expensive pedals. And this is why we consider the Fathom as the best budget reverb pedal.

If you’re looking for a reverb pedal that can go from traditional hall and plate to complex controlled ambience, then this is for you.


  • 4 Reverb Algorithms: Hall, Plate, Lo-Fi, Sonar
  • Controls: Decay, Dampen, Mix, X, Mod (Switch), Program, 2 x Footswitches (Bypass & Sustain)
  • Input: Stereo 1/4″
  • Output: Stereo 1/4″
  • Power: 9V DC 100mA Power Supply (Sold Separately)
  • Bypass Type: Smart Bypass (Trails On or Off)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.39″ x 2.6″ x 4.77″
  • Weight: 0.79 lb

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