WinGo JX-09 Guitar Capo


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WinGo JX-09 Guitar Capo

Gearank Recommendation

The WinGo JX-09first appeared on our recommended list for Guitar Capos in September 2019 where it remained until August 2022 when it was removed due to being out-ranked by other capos.


The JX-09 Guitar Capo by WinGo is a value-priced option that offers great quality and aesthetics thanks to its faux wood finish.

It receives high marks for build quality given the price.

While the pressure is strong enough to clamp down without fret buzz or tuning issues for steel 6 string guitars, 12 string guitars need more clamping force than this provides and nylon string guitars need less.

For the price, the JX-09 Guitar Capo by WinGo is tough to beat. The clamping force may be an issue for some types of guitars but for 6-string steel string acoustic guitars, the capo works like a charm.


  • Clamping Mechanism: Internal torsion spring trigger
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy (faux wood finish), silicone rubber pad
  • Tension Adjustment: None
  • Suitable for: 6 string steel acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele
Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated models which you can see in our guide to The Best Capos For Guitar & Ukulele.