Yamaha DXR15 Powered PA Speaker 15" - 700W (Discontinued)


94 out of 100. Incorporating 150+ ratings and reviews.

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Yamaha DXR15 Powered PA Speaker 15" - 700W
Yamaha DXR15 Powered PA Speaker 15" - 700W

Yamaha's reputation for quality and value for money is applied to most, if not all, their products, including their active PA speakers which continue to dominate the market.

The highly rated Yamaha DXR15 powered showcases why Yamaha continues to be at the forefront - combining good features with impeccable quality, while retaining an appealing price tag.

As the name implies, this one houses a bigger 15" woofer, which allows for more bottom end emphasis. The woofer is paired with a 1.4" high frequency driver, and both are powered by 700W (Continuous) Bi-Amp configured amplifier.

The DXR15 can go up to 133dB SPL, which is louder than others in the same price range. And since it can be positioned on the floor or on stands, this loud PA speaker is easy to add into existing setups.

It also comes with a 3-channel mixer, which makes it a viable portable PA system by itself, handling up to three instruments/mics.

Note that the DXR15 is quite heavy at 49.6 lbs, so you'll want to look for something smaller if you want something that's easier to move around.


  • LF Driver: 15" Cone, 2.5" Voice-Coil
  • HF Driver: 1.4" Throat Compression
  • Amplifier: Bi-amplified Class D
  • Output Power Peak: 1100W (950W LF, 150W HF)
  • Output Power Continuous: : 700W (600W LF, 100W HF)
  • Frequency Response: 49Hz - 20kHz (-10dB)
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 133dB
  • Enclosure: ABS Thermoplastic
  • Mounting: Pole, Floor Wedge, Fly
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA
  • Outputs: 1 x XLR (Link)
  • Controls: Power Button, 3 x Level Knobs, Mic/Line Switch, D-Contour (FOH, Off, Monitor), HPF Switch (120Hz, 100Hz, Off), Mono/Stereo Switch
  • Dimensions: 27.5" × 17.5" × 15"
  • Weight: 49.56 lbs.


DJs, Electronic musicians and even bands find the DXR15's expanded low frequency to be more than satisfactory. The clarity of its low end, even when driven hard, exceeded the expectations of many. Almost all reviewers agree that this speaker is really loud, allowing some bands and DJs to perform without the need for a dedicated subwoofer.


There's not much to complain about other than it's expected bulk and weight, and this is reflected in a few reviews.


If you're looking for a versatile powered speaker with good volume and bottom end, the Yamaha DXR15 is a good option. However, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Powered PA Speakers.