Yamaha DXS12mkII 1020W 12" Powered PA Subwoofer


90 out of 100. Incorporating 40+ ratings and reviews.

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Yamaha DXS12mkII 1020W 12" Powered Subwoofer

The DXS12mkII is a straightforward subwoofer that reinforces Yamaha's reputation for value for money and reliability.

It features a class D power amp rated at 800W (Continuous) that drives a 12" driver with 2.5" voice coil.

For a bit more low end oomph, it has built-in D-XSUB processing which helps extend the lows further via DSP.

There's even a cardioid mode for a more efficient projection of the sound.

Finally, it has selectable crossover points which include 80Hz, 100Hz and 120Hz.


  • Frequency Response: 42Hz-150hz (-10 dB)
  • Crossover: Selectable: 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz
  • Max SPL: 134 dB SPL @ 1m
  • Power Rating: 800 Watts Continuous
  • Drivers: 1 x 12"
  • Input Connectors: 2 x XLR
  • Output Connectors: 2 x XLR (Thru)
  • Polarity: Not Specified
  • Enclosure Material: Meranti Plywood
  • Dimensions: 22.32" x 15.75" x 22.44"
  • Weight: 66.1 lbs (30 kg)

While other subs are into enhancing the bass frequencies, the Yamaha DXS12mkII is all about getting them heard without unnecessarily changing the overall sound. And for this reason, it is well loved for its sonic fidelity. As such it gets most of its positive ratings from those who have use it for conferences, jazz quartets, pop music and other events that do not require too much bass. Other positive attributes that get mentioned include good build quality and reliability.

On the flipside, if you're looking for chest thumping bass for electronic music or for your metal band, then this may not be a good fit.

The Yamaha DXS12mkII is ideal for those who want to improve their bass clarity without over emphasizing the lows.

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