Yamaha PSR-E363 Portable Keyboard 61-Key - Battery Powered w/ MIDI (Discontinued)


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Yamaha PSR-E363
Yamaha PSR-E363

Yamaha continues to deliver the goods, affirming their long held position as one of the most highly rated keyboard manufacturers in the entry level market.

The Yamaha PSR-E363 is the successor to the popular PSR-E353, and is a great example of Yamaha's production philosophy, which is to make good quality instruments for students while keeping the price low.

For the price, it gives you 61 velocity sensitive keys, over 500 voices, and a variety of arranger features.

It also features MIDI connectivity and is compatible with mobile devices, which complements its portability.

Finally, all of these features are packed in a compact and very lightweight unit.


  • 61 Synth Style Full Size Keys
  • Action: Touch Response
  • Velocity Sensitive
  • 32-note Polyphony
  • 136 Style varieties
  • 2-track Sequencer
  • 2-way 12cm Stereo Speakers
  • 550 voices, built-in effects
  • Music Rest
  • Optional Sustain Pedal
  • Runs on 6 x AA batteries
  • Optional power adapter with 8 foot cable sold separately
  • Weight: 9.70 lbs.


Awesome and wonderful are two adjectives that are often used to describe the PSR-E363. Students appreciate its beginner friendly features and price tag, while teachers and experienced musicians are satisfied with its overall quality. Sound quality and touch response gets a lot of thumbs up, along with its value for money.


The weight of the unit worries some users, with a few feeling that it is too light to be structurally solid. But being a portable keyboard, this is a given, and more importantly, there are no complaints yet of the keyboard breaking down while being handled and used normally. We do caution that the PSR-E363 does not come with a power supply, so you'll have to get one separately. Thankfully, some retailers do sell the keyboard with the power supply bundled.


With its lightweight and versatile design, along with its with big brand backing, the Yamaha PSR-E363 is a good safe pick for beginner to intermediate keyboardists.

Unfortunately this is no longer available new in stores, but you can see excellent alternatives in our guide to The Best Portable Keyboards.