Yamaha PSR-EW410 76-key Portable Arranger Keyboard – Battery Powered w/ MIDI (Discontinued)

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Yamaha PSR-EW410: Highest Rated Portable Arranger Keyboard Under $500 - 2021.04

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The PSR-EW410 was on our recommended list for Portable Keyboards Under $500 from April 2020 until July 2022 when it was removed due to a lack of availability.

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Jeremy See Jeremy See 90/100
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The Yamaha PSR-EW410 is a portable keyboard that threads the line between being a piano keyboard instrument and an electronic music sampler.

While at its core, it is a keyboard with 76 keys, it crosses over into the EDM/DJ realms with its groove creator and sampling features. And this combination lets you do things that are above and beyond what’s usually expected from a conventional electronic keyboard.

In addition to sampling features and realtime track triggering controls, the PSR-EW410 has assignable knobs for realtime manipulation of parameters and effects, much like a MIDI controller would.

Being a sampler, this keyboard does not have that many voices by default (237 Voices and 24 Drum/SFX kits) but this is expandable via Yamaha’s XGlite voices.

Other standout features include having a pitchbend wheel, arpeggios, USB MIDI connectivity and support for USB flash drives.


  • 76 Synth Style Touch Response Keys
  • 48-note Polyphony
  • 237 Panel Voices, 24 Drum/SFX kits, 40 Arpeggio, 35 grooves, 457 XGlite voices
  • 59 Effects
  • 2 x 4.7″ Speakers, 12W Amp per side
  • Optional Sustain Pedal
  • Included 16V DC Power Supply / 6 x D batteries
  • Weight: 18.52 lbs.
Unfortunately this is no longer available new in stores so if you’re looking for an alternative check out our guide to The Best Portable Keyboards: MIDI, Speakers, Battery Powered.


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