Yamaha THR10II 2x3" 20-watt Modeling Combo Guitar Amp


93 out of 100. Incorporating 550+ ratings and reviews.

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Yamaha THR10 II 2x3" 20-watt Modeling Combo Guitar Amp

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Our rating of 93/100 is based on analysis of 550+ sources comprised of online reviews and discussions. Under the Pros and Cons headings below you'll find a condensed analysis of what those owners and users have been saying. Feel free to ask questions or add your thoughts in the comments section.

The Yamaha THR10II is a portable guitar amplifier with a distinct desktop friendly rectangular profile, designed to better fit into and meet the needs of modern home recording studios.

To meet the need of plugging in different instrument types, the THR10II features 15 guitar amp models, 3 bass amp models, 3 mic amp models and a flat mode.

It also houses different effect types that include different types of modulation, delay and reverb.

Rounding out its modern features include Bluetooth support for streaming audio, USB direct recording and preset editing, and built-in tuner.


  • Power Rating: 20-Watts
  • Speaker Size: 2 x 3”
  • Models: 15 Guitar Amps, 3 Bass Amps, 3 Mic Amps, Flat Mode
  • Effects: Reverb(Spring/Hall), Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Echo, Compressor, Noise Gate
  • Controls: Amp, Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Effect, Echo/Rev, Output (Guitar/Audio), User Preset Buttons and Tap Tempo Button
  • Input/Output: 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" (Aux In)
  • Extras: Bluetooth Connectivity, Built-in Tuner and Tap Tempo
  • Weight: 6.61 lbs

What's great about the Yamaha THR10II is that it appeals to both beginners and experienced musicians - and this is what we've seen in reviews. Students love how easy it is to setup and use, and how it works nicely with computer setups and media players for convenient practice. Experienced musicians on the other hand appreciate its multi-instrument compatibility and recording functionality. For a small amp with 3" speakers, many are also impressed with the quality of its sound given the low expectation in terms of volume.

Speaking of volume, don't expect much from this small amp. This is not like traditional amps that you can carry for jams or band practice.

If you're looking for a practice amp that can double as your main home recording amp, then this is for you.

Although this was previously on our recommended list, there are now more highly rated options available which you can see in our guide to The Best Practice Amps.

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