Yamaha THR5 Battery Powered Modeling Guitar Amplifier - 10W


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Yamaha THR5

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Small guitar amps are no longer designed to just be practice amps, rather some of them are designed with home recording in mind, as exemplified by the THR5.

From its desktop friendly profile to its 2-channel USB recording, this amp is a perfect fit for small home studios where traditional combo amps would either be too bulky or awkwardly positioned.

Its sonic versatility is also recording friendly, with 5 amp models , 4 modulation effects, and 4 delay/reverb effects.

But it's not just about recording because this 10W amp drives two 3.15" speakers that is ideal for small rooms.

It can also run on 8 x AA batteries, which allows it to double as a portable amplifier.


  • 10W Amp
  • 2 x 3.15" Speaker
  • 4 Amp Models
  • 8 Effects
  • Aux Input
  • Headphones Output
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.


The Yamaha THR5 continues to impress guitar players, often described as a fun amplifier to play with. Many are surprised with its organic sounding clean and overdriven tones, especially when considering that it is a compact battery powered amp. It also gets commendations for its versatile functionality and overall build quality. It is worth mentioning that many users are surprised at how loud this amp is.


Some users wish for extra features, but these are addressed by the more expensive THR models.


The Yamaha THR5 will make a great addition to a guitarists home studio setup, and it can also be a nice fun tool for practice or for playing while on the go.

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