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These guides are designed to help you find the most highly rated options when you're buying music equipment. Every item presented has a Gearank Rating and the number of owner and user opinions that have been evaluated by the Gearank Algorithm for this purpose.

The Best Stage Monitors - Powered Monitor Speakers Under $500

The Highest Rated Powered Stage Monitors

Stage monitors allow you to hear yourself and others on stage. Without stage or floor monitors it can be very difficult to stay in time and sing in tune. This guide features the highest rated powered options on the market.

Best PA Subwoofer - Powered / Active (2024)

Best PA Subwoofer - Powered / Active

As a DJ, musician, or live sound engineer, you may have noticed that the market is flooded with many professional PA subwoofers, making it challenging to decide which one to invest in. To help you make an informed decision, this guide presents the top-rated subwoofers currently available.

Best Cheap Audio Interface Picks for Professional Sound Quality 2024

The Highest Rated Audio Interfaces Under $200

Gearing up for recording has never been this accessible, all you need is your computer, instrument, microphone, and a good audio interface. This guide will help you pick the best cheap audio interface from current market favorites.

Best Vocal Effects Pedal / Processor Guide 2024

The Highest Rated Vocal Effects Pedals

Here we look at the top vocal effects pedals and their features to discover how they can be used to enhance your vocal performance. Read on to learn more!

Best iPhone or iPad Audio Interface for 2024

iPad Audio Interfaces

With the right audio interface, you can turn your iPad into a full featured recording studio. Featured here are the best audio interfaces that you can use to maximize the iPad's mobile recording potential.

7 Best PA Speakers - 2024

The Best Powered PA Speakers

Powered Speakers, also known as active speakers, are loudspeakers with amplifiers built into their enclosures. This combination is simpler to setup and manage, making powered speakers more and more popular among musicians, sound engineers, and DJs.

The Best DI Box & Reamp Box 2024 (Active and Passive)

The Highest Rated DI Boxes

A DI Box converts instrument lead signals (1/4" TS) directly into balanced microphone inputs (3-pin XLR) found on mixing consoles. And it does so while managing impedance and voltage disparities between the connected devices. See the best di box options available today.