How Gearank Works

How Gearank Works
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What is Gearank

Gearank is a rating system for music gear that incorporates two factors:

1. In-depth quantitative research on user-based product reviews.
2. Knowledgeable expert-based guidance from our in-house team.

Our Original Research – The Gearank Score

We analyze thousands of music user ratings that result in a quantitative score out of 100 for you to use.

Our researchers do this by compiling all the information they can get their hands on. We use buyer reviews, expert reviews, and product owner forum discussions. We focus on reviews and ratings by and for musicians.

The collated information goes into our Gearank program. It uses a Bayesian Averaging process to produce the number you see on the page.

Our team provides insights into the most important key choices of equipment. Their expert knowledge points out comparative features to consider. Insightful analysis, together with a gear score, becomes our Gear Guides.

What does Gearank Measure?

Gearank is best considered a measure of user satisfaction with a product.

Although product quality plays a part, price is an essential factor. People appreciate lower-priced gear when it is better than they expect. In contrast, higher-priced gear comes with a greater expectation of performance.

For example, a $20 pair of headphones may generate positive reviews. A far better $500 pair of headphones that doesn’t live up to its loftier standard may not even rate.

Quality and gear satisfaction can have opposing meanings to alternate groups. Different uses and circumstances demand different considerations. We call this gear usage intent. Our team of researchers understands this. They probe not only the ratings but also the essential characteristics of intent.

We explain why buyers and reviewers love or hate the gear so that you can find the best equipment for your needs. You can find these in our ‘Things to Consider’ sections in our gear guides.

The benefits and drawbacks are also highlighted in each item’s pros and cons section.

How is Gearank Used in Gear Guides?

The gear ranking is essential in selecting the best gear for our roundups. But the real value comes when our gear researchers analyze it to give you their insights.

We look at the suitability of the gear for the particular purpose of the guide. Gear is significant only when it’s right for the job at hand.

Our researchers aim to include a gear category’s leading range of options. We contrast the benefits and disadvantages. All this is to give you a thorough overview of what’s available in that range.

We intend to select a mix of gear that’s:

1. Tried and tested with a good number of reviews.
2. Genuine, with a solid reputation.
3. Available from reputable retailers.

All so you can be confident that they will work for you and that you have the long-term support you may need. These products often have a large community of buyers, so you can often find handy tips and tricks.

We include well-regarded emerging products where there are reliable user and expert opinions. We avoid boutique products that still need more feedback from music users.

How Gearank has Evolved

The core of the Gearank algorithm remains the same as when we first developed it in 2015. We keep refining our data processes to ensure accuracy and quality.

More and more, we incorporate our own real-world experience. We like to show you what the product is like physically or how it is used. We have improved how we explain what sets a product apart from its competitors.

We want to cut through the noise and point you to the best music equipment.