Music Gear Meta-Reviews

Gearank meta-reviews tell you what large numbers of musicians and experts have been saying about specific models/items to help you swiftly grasp their pros and cons in real-world use and situations.

Instead of being limited to one reviewer's opinion, you get expert analysis of the reviews, feedback, discussions and comments a multitude of owners and users have shared via store ratings, forum discussions, videos, blogs, articles and the like.

Behringer Ultratone KXD12 600W 4-channel Mixing Keyboard Amp

Behringer Ultratone KXD12 600W 4-channel Mixing Keyboard Amp

This 4 channel amp has an XLR input that works well with microphones that don't require phantom power and many musicians report using it successfully as a small PA system to sing and play through at the same time. This includes both keyboardists and singer/acoustic guitarists and it comes with Behringer's FBQ feedback detecting system to help with that application.

Behringer Ultratone K450FX 45 Watt 3-Channel Mixing Keyboard Amp

Behringer Ultratone K450FX 45 Watt Keyboard Amp

The Behringer Ultratone K450FX is both a keyboard amp and a small PA system with 3 independent stereo channels, an XLR input for a dynamic mic and onboard effects including reverb, delay and more.

It is also designed to be used as an amp for electronic drums, and some acoustic guitarist / singers also use it.

Behringer have also included their FBQ Feedback Detection System which provides a control knob for eliminating feedback at specific frequencies.

Nektar Impact LX61+ 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Nektar Impact LX61+ 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Nektar Impact LX61+ is a step up in both price and features from the GX61. You get additional features like a more comprehensive control and pad scheme with faders, encoders and a full transport section.

Peavey PV 118 18" 400W Passive Subwoofer

Peavey PV 118 18" 400W Passive Subwoofer

Peavey have built the PV 118 to be durable with a perforated steel grille and steel corners in addition to a carpet covered MDF enclosure.

The two 1/4" jacks are in parallel so you can run multiple subs together or send the signal through to your main PA speakers.

It can be pole mounted or stacked.

Electro-Voice ELX118 18" 1600W Passive Subwoofer

Electro-Voice ELX118 18" 1600W Passive Subwoofer

The ELX118 is a reasonably loud 18" passive subwoofer.

It has a 35mm pole socket for mounting or it can be stacked.

It also comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Behringer Eurolive Professional B1800X PRO 18" 1800W Passive Subwoofer

Behringer Eurolive Professional B1800X PRO

Coming from Behringer, the B1800X Pro sits in the sweet-spot where quality and affordability meets.

This subwoofer is quite loud for the price, thanks to its 18" LF Driver and a peak power rating of 1800W.

This speaker comes with a switchable crossover that lets you switch between passive and Bi-amp mode, allowing for setup flexibility.

Electro-Voice SB122 12" 400W Passive Subwoofer

Electro-Voice SB122 12" 400W Passive Subwoofer

The Electro-Voice SB122 is extremely popular with people who only need a small passive sub.

It has a built-in low pass filter which means you can connect it in parallel with your main speakers without needing a separate amplifier, however the filter is completely transparent below 160 Hz so you can also use it in a biamped situation as well - just be careful not to drop below the minimum 6 Ohm rating by the manufacturer.

Bose F1 Powered Subwoofer - 1000W Dual 10" Drivers

Bose F1 Powered Subwoofer - 1000W

The Bose F1 Subwoofer is designed to be compact and portable, while still having good projection.

Unlike conventional subwoofers with single LF drivers, this one sports two 10" drivers, which adds to its projection while having improved punch and clarity.

This design also allows the F1 Subwoofer to handle fullrange speaker duties when needed.

Yamaha DSR118W 800W 18" Powered Subwoofer (Discontinued)

Yamaha DSR118W 800W 18" Powered Subwoofer

The DSR118W uses DSP technology to protect the amp and speaker - it has onboard 48bit AD/DA converters to turn the signal from analog to digital.

By going digital Yamaha have been able to include a range of technologies including their proprietary FIR-X tuning system which automatically optimizes the frequency and phase response.

JBL SRX828SP - 2000W Powered Subwoofer

JBL SRX828SP - 2000W Powered  Dual 18" Subwoofer

The JBL SRX828SP has one of the highest Max SPL levels of the powered subwoofers we've analyzed.

JBL packed these with features: HiQnet networking giving you complete control over tuning your system with a tablet app for iOS and Android; user-configurable DSP; Drivecore amplification by Crown; LCD screen and a handy glow in the dark rear panel.

Fender '57 Custom Champ 5W 1x8" Guitar Tube Amplifier - Combo

Fender '57 Custom Champ Tube Combo Amplifier

In a time where amp modeling continues to be popular, its refreshing to see simple amps still doing well in the market - and it doesn't get any simpler than the one volume knob interface of the Fender '57 Custom Champ.

What makes it special is its handwired circuitry, which complements its tube components to reproduce genuine Fender tube tones without any complications.

It's a true plug and play amp with just a volume knob, making it ideal for those who get most of their tone coloration from pedals.

Fender Blues Deluxe Tube Combo Guitar Amp 40W 1x12

Fender Blues Deluxe Tube Combo Guitar Amp 40W 1x12

As the name implies, the Fender Blues Deluxe is meant to reproduce the midrange warmth of classic tube amps used by blues players back in the '50s.

It is based on the Fender Deluxe amp of the same era, with modern elements like channel switching and reverb added to the mix.

At 40W, this tube amp can get really loud, especially when considering its triple 12AX7 tube preamp and dual 6L6 power amps.

Vox AC15C1X Tube Guitar Combo Amp 15-watt 1x12"

Vox AC15C1X Tube Guitar Combo Amp 15-watt 1x12"

Vox played an important role in shaping the sound of iconic bands and artists, like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Brian May, Mark Knopfler and many more.

As such, it is not surprising that an amp like the Vox AC15C1x is still the go to tube amp for many guitarists.

This modern day iteration follows after the AC15 British tone tradition, with minor changes that improve its overall performance and add value to the amp.

Fender Super Champ X2 Tube Guitar Combo Amp 15W 1x10

Fender Super Champ X2 Tube Guitar Combo Amp 15W 1x10

Fender blends traditional tube amplification and modern digital processing together inside the Super Champ X2.

At its core is a true 15-Watt tube amplifier section, with a 12AX7 and two 6V6 tubes that drive a 10" speaker, and as expected it reproduces Fender's signature clean tone nicely in channel 1.

Doepfer LMK2+ 88-Key Hammer Action MIDI Keyboard Controller

Doepfer LMK2+ 88-Key Hammer Action MIDI Keyboard Controller

Don't be too surprised if you haven't heard much about Doepfer before because they only recently started to be sold by major American retailers, but they are a highly respected brand from Germany.

The LMK2+ is Doepfer's 'low cost' option designed to be reasonably simple yet does what it does very well - it provides a robust portable instrument that has a surprisingly realistic feel according to many pianists who have played it.

Arturia KeyLab 88 MkI - 88-key MIDI Keyboard Controller (Discontinued)

Arturia KeyLab 88 - 88-key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Arturia are famed for their hardware synths and the KeyLab 88 comes bundled with their Analog Lab software which includes virtual versions of synths such as the Mini V, Modular V, CS-80 V, ARP 2600 V, Jup-8 V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, SEM V, Matrix-12 V, Solina V, B-3 V, Vox Continental V, Farfisa V - in all there are over 5000 sounds.

It also comes bundled with UVI Acoustic Grand Piano which is a Steinway Model D Concert Grand model and Piano V which has 9 acoustic piano models.

KRK Rokit 6 G3 50W 6" Powered Studio Monitor (Discontinued)

KRK Rokit 6 G3

The KRK Rokit 6 G3 is the third iteration of KRK's popular studio monitor line, well known for its improved bass response.

It continues to invade studios world over - you can see their unmistakable yellow woofer on many YouTube videos.

The most notable feature of the Rokit 6 is its 6" Kevlar/aramid composite woofer and front firing bass port, which gives it more bass frequency response than other monitors. And because of that, you should go for something else if you want a flat response monitor.

KRK Rokit 10 G3 - 3-way 148W 10" Midfield Powered Studio Monitor (Discontinued)

KRK Rokit 10

The KRK Rokit 10 G3 is a loud three-way active studio monitor that features a 148W 3-way amp, a drives a big 10" aramid glass composite woofer, a 4" mid frequency driver, and a 1" dome tweeter.

The bigger woofer and the front firing port makes this studio monitor ideal for mixing bass heavy, and to do so at louder volumes.

The dedicated mid frequency driver prevents the bottom end from muddying the mids, and it is mounted on a flexible module for easier positioning.

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors 50W 3" Powered Studio Monitor

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors 50W 3" Powered Studio Monitor

The iLoud Micro is a compact nearfield studio monitor with modern wireless connectivity via Bluetooth technology.

Since it is sold as a pair, some might mistake it for a regular multi-media speaker, but know that the iLoud Micro is designed with studio monitoring clarity in mind, at a price that's very affordable.

Yamaha THR10X Modeling Guitar Amplifier 10W (Discontinued)

Yamaha THR10X

The Yamaha THR10 series are regarded to be among the best sounding lunchbox amps available, which is surprising given the specifications.

The amp features two 3” speakers (this is according to Yamaha’s specifications for the amp), which somehow manage to avoid the thin tone normally associated with sub-8” speakers. With just 10-watts of power, this compact and relatively quiet amp is meant for hi-gain distortion (which on low to moderate setting isn’t buzzy).

Donner DEA-1 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier 10 W

The Donner DEA-1 is a compact 10-Watt combo amplifier with 6.5" speaker designed with the beginner guitarist in mind. It comes with a straightforward set of controls, which include basic 3-band EQ (treble/middle/bass), volume and gain knobs.

It also comes with a boost switch that activates its built-in overdrive, giving you two basic tones. Finally, it comes with two 1/8" ports, one of which serves as an auxiliary input for plugging in your media player, while the other is a headphone output that allows for quiet practice.

IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 Guitar Audio Interface (Lightning Compatible)

IK Multimedia iRig HD 2

IK Multimedia are well known for the iRig, a line of pocket-sized audio interfaces for musicians.

The iRig HD 2 exemplifies what this line is all about, with special focus on electric guitars and other stringed instruments.

More than just a way to plug into your computer, it comes with an amp output jack for connecting your guitar to amplifiers, which expands your monitoring options in the studio, and makes it useful for live performances and jamming, when combined with its bundled software, AmpliTube.

Audient iD22 10-Channel USB Audio Interface

Audient iD22 10-Channel USB Audio Interface

The Audient ID22 is a 2-in / 6-out audio interface, with two Class A preamps paired with Burr Brown AD-DA converters that allow for 24-bit/96kHz resolution. And since Audient mic preamps are highly sought after, they are expected to improve the recording quality that you get from the iPad.

But it's not just microphone recordings that will benefit, because it also comes with a dedicated instrument input with JFET DI circuitry.

Apogee JAM 96K Guitar Audio Interface for iPad / Mac / iOS (Lightning Compatible)

Apogee JAM 96K Guitar Audio Interface for iPad / Mac / iOS

The Apogee Jam 96k is a compact audio interface designed specifically for guitarists and bassists - and their iOS devices.

It converts your guitar signal to 24-bit/96kHz digital audio that can be sent to your iPad and other iOS devices. And since its preamp circuit is especially tuned for instruments, it provides the right amount of headroom and dynamic range that other multi-purposes interfaces may lack.

Ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion/Drum Amplifier

Ddrum DDA50 Electronic Percussion Amplifier

The Ddrum DDA50 is a 50-watt amplifier that features a 10-inch subwoofer and an adjacent 2 1/2-inch tweeter.

It also features three 1/4" inputs, an XLR line out, an MP3 input and a headphone output.

And it has adjustable 3-band EQ knobs for tone adjustment purposes.

KAT Percussion KA2 Digital Drum Set Amplifier

KAT Percussion - KA2 Digital Drum Set Amplifier

The KAT KA2 is a durable amplifier equipped with a powerful 200-watt drumming amp. It features a 1"x1" compression driver for a crisp high-end sound, and a 3-band EQ for sound shaping with a presence "attack" control.

There are two 1/4" input jacks for drum input and a 1/8" input jack for external connectivity MP3 players and other digital devices. Its large carry handle is an advantage for ease of transport.

Simmons SD550 Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Pads

Simmons SD550 Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Pads

The most standout feature of the Simmons SD550 Mesh is its "tension-able" mesh heads that are designed to better replicate the bounce and feel of acoustic drums. This includes the 10" dual zone and dual-ply mesh snare, along with the 8" dual-ply mesh toms.

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit - Electronic Drum Set

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

The Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is a complete drum kit with 5 drum pads, 3 cymbal pads, drum stand and accessories, including both the kick and hi-hat pedals, and drum sticks.

What's even better is that the drum pads have two zones, and you can tighten or loosen the mesh to your preference - and it does all these while retaining an entry level price point.

As for the drum module, it comes with 385 different drum and percussion sounds, along with 24 different kit sounds.

Saga LJ-10 DIY Electric Guitar Kit - LP Jr. Style

Saga LJ-10 DIY Electric Guitar Kit - LP Jr. Style

Based on the popular Les Paul Jr, the Saga LJ-10 DIY electric guitar kit follows after its streamlined aesthetics and electronics. It comes with the popular LP style body, crafted from basswood and pre-drilled for complete assembly. It has a bolt-on neck that you have to screw into the body, and a headstock that you can carve into your preferred shape.

Seismic Audio SADIYG-02 Tele Style DIY Electric Guitar Kit

Seismic Audio SADIYG-02 Tele Style DIY Electric Guitar Kit

The Seismic Audio SADIYG-02 is based on the iconic Telecaster electric guitar. It comes with a single-cutaway body that's crafted from paulownia, a China native wood that's known for being light. The pickguard is already set into the body when you get the package, but you'll need to solder the input jack, the volume and tone knobs, the bridge pickup and the selector switch before you start using it.

AXL Do-It-Yourself Electric Guitar Kit (Discontinued)

AXL Do-It-Yourself Electric Guitar Kit

Here's another DIY guitar kit that lets you build and customize your own Stratocaster style guitar without much effort. It comes with a double-cutaway basswood body, maple neck and headstock, all of which are pre-drilled, so you can focus on working on your desired finish, instead of having to worry about routing.

The electronics are also pre-soldered, so ideally there's no need to solder anything, but it is still wise to have a soldering iron ready in case some of the wires are loose for whatever reason. Since the neck is bolt-on, you'll need a screwdriver to get it attached to the body.

Electro-Voice TX1152 Passive PA Speaker 500W 15" Woofer

Electro-Voice TX1152

With its 15" LF Driver, this speaker is more than capable of handling heavy bass, while the 1.25" titanium compression driver ensures that you're not compromising top end.

To be able to handle jolts of heavy bass, it has a high peak capacity of 2000W, and a max SPL (sound pressure level) of 133dB.

Other nifty features include dent resistant grilles, four way handles and rotating logo.

Peavey PVX 15 - 15" Passive PA Speaker - 800W (400W RMS)

Peavey PVx 15 - 15" Passive PA Speaker

Peavey is known for their expansive line of quality and affordable musical instruments and equipment. As a testament to this, you'll find their products often dominate the popular and top rated categories at many online retailers.

The PVX 15 is a great example of their design strategy, an affordable yet full featured speaker. Sporting a 15" diameter woofer and a 1.4" tweeter, it has surprising versatility and low-frequency capacity, comparable to other more expensive cabinets.

Behringer B1520 PRO Passive PA Speaker

Behringer B1520 PRO 1200W Passive PA Speaker

Coming from the popular budget-friendly brand, the Behringer B1520 Pro offers good specs at a very reasonable price point.

To start with, it houses a 15" LF Driver and a 1.75" HF Driver, both of which are big for the price.

As expected, it is not meant for big venues, but it can handle small to medium venues quite well with its peak power handling of 1200W and max SPL of 96dB.

Samson Meteorite Desktop Condenser USB Microphone

Samson Meteorite Desktop Condenser USB Microphone

The Meteorite is Samson's take on the ball shape desktop microphone trend, the main difference being its removable magnetic base which helps secure the mic for easier positioning.

This compact ball houses a 14mm diaphragm USB condenser microphone, with a frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz and sample rate of

Shure SM48 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM48 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

It's interesting how cheap the Shure SM48 is, especially when considering that it is part of Shure's mid-tier SM series.

It gives you improved frequency response (55Hz-14kHz), stricter polar pattern, and better transients - while having less handling noise compared to most entry level mics.

More importantly, it gives you all this while retaining an entry-level tier price tag.

Laney Amps CUB10 Tube Combo Guitar Amp 10W 1x8

Laney Amps CUB 10

The Laney Cub 10 is a streamlined 10W 1 x 10" tube amp, tweaked to be similar to boutique tube amps minus the expense.

It doesn't have much in terms of features, but it makes up with its impressive hardware specs, at the core of which are two ECC83 preamp tubes and two 6V6GT output tubes.

It follows after classic amplifier designs with its class A/B circuit that gives it a vintage voicing that many prefer.

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

If you're looking for a portable multi-purpose condenser mic then the Samson Go Mic may just be what you need.

It features a compact profile that can easily fit into pockets for transport, clip on laptops/tablets for mobile use, or stand on a desk for home recording.

It houses a small 10mm diaphragm condenser with switchable polar patterns (omni and cardioid), making it viable for solo vocal/instrument recording or for group/multi-instrument recordings.

Nady PCM-100 Professional Classic Style Condenser Microphone

Nady PCM-100 Professional Classic Style Condenser Microphone

One look at the Nady PCM-100 and you'll understand why its popular - it is a cool looking mic that comes with a very affordable price tag. And with that form factor, it is meant to be a stage microphone for use with vocal performers, but there are some who have put it to good use in recording as well.

It has a frequency response of 30Hz to 18kHz which is quite limited, but this limitation gives the mic its distinct presence peak that many prefer. It also has a switchable low-cut filter that allows for low end adjustments when needed.

Behringer B-1 Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

Behringer B-1 Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

Behringer's presence in the music gear market is undeniably strong, especially in the the entry level tier. This encompasses the sub $100 condenser mic market, with which the Behringer B-1 is doing quite well in terms of popularity and ratings.

This large diaphragm microphone features a 1" gold-sputtered dual-diaphragm designed for improved transparency and fidelity - and many are raving that it the sonic quality of this mic is comparable to premium mics which are four times more expensive.

Nektar Impact LX25+ 25-key USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller

Nektar Impact LX25+ 25-key USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Impact LX25+ features Nekta's DAW integration where it intelligently maps its controls to the corresponding parameters and controls of several commonly used DAWs, such as Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, and Logic Pro. It has full-sized velocity sensitive keys with 4 velocity curves and an option to choose one of the 3 fixed velocity levels for a more consistent performance. It also has the essential controls such as pitch and modulation wheels, knobs, 30mm fader, and velocity sensitive pads.

Nektar Impact GX49 49-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Nektar Impact GX49 49-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Nektar Impact GX49 features transport and navigation controls for you to play, record or navigate without constantly reaching for your mouse or computer keyboard. This controller also has assignable buttons that you can manually integrate with your DAW even if you own software that's not supported by Nektar's DAW Integration. It is also compatible with iOS devices, such as iPads, and can be connected with the use of an Apple camera connection kit.

Audio-Technica M3 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System (Discontinued)

Audio-Technica M3 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

Japan based Audio-Technica has come a long way from manufacturing phonograph cartridges back in 1962, now they are considered as one of the biggest audio equipment manufacturers in the world. The Audio-Technica M3 showcases why the company continues to thrive in the face of stiff competition, it packs in impressive features while keeping the price much lower than what other brands offer.

Audio-Technica M2 Wireless In-Ear Monitor System - (Discontinued)

Audio-Technica M2M

Audio-Technica is known for producing reasonably priced audio equipment that both hobbyists and professionals appreciate and the M2 is an excellent example. Among their lineup, the Audio-Technica M2 sits in the sweet-spot where price is accessible for beginners while quality is good enough for experienced users, which in turn allows it to maintain its high ratings.

Planet Waves American Stage Instrument Guitar Cable

Planet Waves American Stage Instrument Guitar Cable

D'Addario is well known for quality guitar accessories, and their sub brand Planet Waves have come up with a pretty good cable - the USA made American Stage guitar cable.
It features a slightly thin 22 AWG OFC conductor wrapped in 95% braided shielding. Planet Waves employed an exclusive in-line solder process that permanently bonds the wire and plug, which ups reliability and longevity.

It also features Geo-Tip Neutrik connectors that help keep the jack in place when plugged in.

Hosa GTR Guitar Cable

Hosa GTR Guitar Cable

The name may not be familiar to all, but Hosa Tech's decades of experience with audio equipment have enabled them to produce top rated and affordable cables like the GTR.

This particular instrument cable features traditional designs that make maintenance easy and convenient, including Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors, OFC braided shield, and all-metal plugs.

What sets Hosa apart is how reliable and solidly built their cables are, compared to other similarly priced and configured cables on the market.

Steinberg UR242 4-Channel USB Audio Interface - 4 Analog Inputs

Steinberg UR242 4-Channel USB Audio Interface

Being the developer of the popular DAW software Cubase, Steinberg knows the needs of home studios. This is evidenced by the success of their audio interfaces, to be more specific, the UR242.

For the price, this audio interface gives you four simultaneous input channels, two of which feature class A D-Pre mic preamps, and the other two are meant for line level sources.

As expected, it has plug-and-play compatibility with Cubase, but it also works well with competing DAWs.

Behringer Europort PPA500BT Portable PA System

Behringer Europort PPA500BT

The Behringer Europort PPA500BT is a full–fledged PA System that can be compacted into a portable self-contained unit that looks like a bag.

When unpacked, this compact unit separates into three sections, which include two speakers and a central mixing console.

And as usual, Behringer packed this PA system with features that include Bluetooth connectivity, 5-Band EQ, feedback detection, and it even comes bundled with speaker cables and a handheld dynamic microphone.

Yamaha StagePas 400i Portable PA System (Discontinued)

Yamaha StagePas 400i Portable PA System

Yamaha is a brand that needs no introduction, known for manufacturing quality musical instruments and audio equipment. As a testament to this, their StagePas series of portable speakers ranked the highest on our recommended list before it was discontinued, thanks to its solid build and sound quality.

Focal Alpha 80 8" 140W Powered Studio Monitor

Focal Alpha 80 8" 140W Powered Studio Monitor

Known for their premium studio monitors and speakers, Focal have successfully expanded into the mid-tier market with the Alpha 80. It doesn't stray too much from conventional designs, with its 140 Watt amplifier (Bi-amp), 8" woofer and 1" tweeter - but it implements all these with their brand of quality materials and premium build, something that you usually have to pay top dollars for.

Finally, the Alpha 80 comes with automatic standby mode, an energy-saving feature that turns off the monitor after 30 minutes of idle time.

Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster '70s (SSS) Solidbody Electric Guitar (Discontinued)

Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster '70s

The Stratocaster is easily one of the most familiar electric guitar designs ever, made popular by iconic guitarists but used just as much by aspiring rockers. With so many clones and variations available, the Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster '70s stand out in terms of ratings, thanks to it being a licensed and good quality reproduction of strats from the 1970s.

Sennheiser HD 800 Open-Back Headphones (Discontinued)

Sennheiser HD 800 Open-Back Headphones

Being part of Sennheiser's top of the line offering, the HD 800 is assembled by hand in Germany to ensure its premium build and sound quality.

At the heart of the HD 800 are two 56mm drivers, which are among the biggest in the market - both of which feature Sennheiser's patented ring-like transducer shape.

These drivers are housed in open-back earcups that work together for a more natural sounding monitoring experience.

Yamaha GL1 Guitalele - Nylon String Guitar

Yamaha GL1 Guitalele

The Yamaha GL1 Guitalele is a unique instrument because it combines the dimensions of a ukulele with the tuning pattern of a guitar. Basically, it’s higher in pitch than a standard guitar but the music and technique learned on it can be carried over to a guitar.

Ultimate Support MC-125 Studio Telescoping Boom Mic Stand w/ Adjustable Counterweight

Ultimate Support MC-125 Studio Boom Mic Stand

The Ultimate Support MC-125 has an adjustable counterweight - that means you can position it along the end of the boom to perfectly balance the stand with any mics or other attachments such as pop filters without having to adjust the boom itself. If you haven't used an adjustable counterweight before then trust me it's a really handy feature!

The roller-blade style casters can be locked to prevent it moving once in position.

On-Stage SB9600 Tripod Studio Boom Mic Stand

On-Stage Stands SB9600 Tripod Studio Boom Mic Stand

The tripod base on the SB9600 can be adjusted for additional height or spread further apart for greater stability when projecting the boom further from the base.

It's can also be extended high enough to use with overhead mics - in fact some people use it in a live setting for overheads even though it's primarily designed for studio use.

Atlas Sound MS20E Solid Round Base Mic Stand

Atlas Sound MS20E Round Base Mic Stand

The Atlas Sound MS20E is a heavy-duty stand for indoor and outdoor use. Its tubing is designed with cold rolled steel built to withstand extreme conditions. It also comes with a non-reflective ebony epoxy finish.

Yamaha DSR115 Powered Speaker 1300W 15"

Yamaha DSR115

The Yamaha DSR115 is a powered active speaker that's meant to handle bigger venues with its 1500W (Dynamic) power rating, 15" woofer and 2" tweeter.

And since it has big woofers, it can reproduce deep low-end frequencies without any problems, and you don't have to worry about overloading the speaker because it comes with built-in DSP limiter.

Speaking of DSP, it comes with Yamaha's D-Contour technology, which constantly monitors and adjusts frequencies for optimal sound quality. This allows the DSR115 to sound good regardless of volume level.

Yamaha DXR15 Powered PA Speaker 15" - 700W

Yamaha DXR15 Powered PA Speaker 15" - 700W

Yamaha's reputation for quality and value for money is applied to most, if not all, their products, including their active PA speakers which continue to dominate the market.

The highly rated Yamaha DXR15 powered showcases why Yamaha continues to be at the forefront - combining good features with impeccable quality, while retaining an appealing price tag.

QSC K8.2 2000-Watt 8" Powered PA Speaker

QSC K8.2 2000 Watt Powered PA Speaker

The K8.2 is part of QSC's updated line of K.2 series speakers, carrying over the same quality and standards as the popular original K series, with notable improvements.

Changes include increased power to the LF driver (by taking some away from the HF driver where it's less needed), max SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and improved low-frequency extension, all of which add even more value to the original K8's design.

To be specific, the K8.2's extended bass allows its smaller 8" LF driver to pump more bass, without compromising its midrange clarity.

Yamaha DXR8 Powered PA Speaker 8" - 1100W

Yamaha DXR8 Powered PA Speaker

With its 700W RMS (1100W Peak) amplifier, the Yamaha DXR8 can get really loud for its size.

But it's not just about being loud, because the extra headroom allows for better reproduction of audio nuances and dynamics.

What makes it even more appealing is how relatively light it is for what it can do, thanks to its lightweight Class D amplifier and ABS thermoplastic enclosure.

Levy's Leathers M20 Nylon Classical Guitar Strap

Levy's Nylon Classical Guitar Strap

The Levy's M20 is essentially a longer black version of the M23, with the same discrete plastic sound-hole hook that is meant for guitars with no strap pins, like classical guitars and ukuleles.

With its plain black color, this strap is meant for those who want less color, but want the same functionality. The strap is of the same size at 1", and goes through Levy's tri-glide adjustment configuration.

Fretfunk Acoustic Guitar Strap Adapter

Fretfunk Acoustic Guitar Strap Button (Black)

Fretfunk is a popular strap adapter that slips underneath the strings at the headstock.

It is locked and secured via a strap button, which also serves as the connecting piece for regular guitar straps.

Since it features faux-leather material, it matches the appearance of most guitar straps, and looks much better than regular string ties.

The material is also meant to be strong enough to hold the weight of acoustic guitars.

Gibson Switchblade Guitar Strap

Gibson Accessories Switchblade Guitar Strap

Carrying heavy solidbody electric guitars for long periods can be quite the task, thankfully there are comfortable straps like the Gibson Switchblade.

This premium strap features 1/2" thick memory foam inner padding that helps distribute the weight evenly as you play your instrument.

The full-grain leather top adds to the straps overall appeal while the soft garment leather backing adds to the overall comfort.

Fender Vintage Tweed Guitar Strap

Fender Vintage Tweed Strap

Fender knows that old school is still cool for many guitarists, and this is why they implement vintage designs in many of their guitars and accessories.

Case in point is the Vintage Tweed Guitar Strap, which features the same material and look used on their popular "Tweed" amps.

Other than its distinct Fender visual appeal and softer tweed feel, this 2" wide guitar strap is not much different from other standard straps in terms of its mechanical design, offering conventional length adjustment, reliability and stability.

Composite Acoustics Cargo ELE (Discontinued)

Composite Acoustics Cargo ELE

Since wood is easily affected by humidity and temperature, manufacturers like Composite Acoustics have moved to more robust and resilient materials like "Carbon Fiber".

The use of this light and sturdy material, combined with its one piece body-and-neck design makes the Cargo ELE a truly reliable acoustic guitar that can handle extreme weather, humidity and temperature changes.

But its not just about reliability because the carbon fiber material and its shape is designed to give the instrument a sound that's similar to traditional acoustics.

Auphonix MPF-1 Pop Filter

Auphonix pop filter

While the popularity and affordability of desktop USB mics have made home recording more accessible, some manufacturers didn't take compatibility with standard pop filters into account.

This is where Auphonix came in with their specially designed clamps that conveniently and securely attach to popular USB desktop mics like the Blue Yeti.

The Auphonix pop filter features a double mesh filter design and comes in a round shape that is 6" in diameter (also available in a smaller 4" version). It also features an adjustable gooseneck for precise and stable positioning.

On-Stage ASVS6GB Pop Filter

On-Stage Stands ASVS6GB

The On-Stage ASVS6GB is a straight forward pop filter that follows the conventional form factor, with a simple nylon mesh serving as its filter.

The diameter is 6", while the gooseneck is 13" long, both of which are good enough for most applications.

While it does not have as much plosive stopping power as dual mesh ones, it does provide good enough filtration to warrant a good number of positive reviews.

Raxxess Stoppit Pop filter (Discontinued)

Raxxess Pop filter

The RaXXess Stoppit filter is an affordable filter that gets the job done with its straightforward design and practical price tag.

It follows conventional pop filter design with a 6" diameter round fabric filter that is attached to a gooseneck and a clamp. The clamp allows for quick and secure attachments to mic stands and desks, making it useable for desktop recording as well.

It also features a secondary pivot joint that lets you set the screen angle to match the specific pickup axis of the mic you're using.

Pauly Ton Pauly Superscreen Pop Filter (Discontinued)

Pauly Ton Pauly Superscreen

The Pauly Superscreen Pop Filter is a premium handmade filter that's meant for professional studio work. The high-price tag is justified by being handcrafted in Germany, its high build quality and its proprietary gooseneck - which is flexible yet stable - able to stay in place for a very long time unless moved.

Fender Champion 20 Guitar Amplifier 20W

Fender Champion 20

The Fender Champion 20 is arguably one of the most versatile amps in its price range, with 8 different amp models and onboard effects.

The amp models cover vintage Fender Amplifiers, a Vox model, a Marshall model, and three high-gain models.

The onboard effects are also a great inclusion, featuring the majority of modulation effects the average guitar player is likely going to need. The amp also comes with Fender style reverb, which is the most copied reverb ever.

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus (HSS) Solidbody Electric Guitar (Discontinued)

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus

The Fender Modern Player Telecaster combines the singlecoil neck pickup of a Telecaster, with the singlecoil midde pickup a Stratocaster, and a humbucker pickup on the bridge.

In addition, the bridge pickup is wired so you can split the coils, which means that you're not missing the single coil sound on the bridge position when you want it. It also sports a Stratocaster bridge with string-through-body tailpiece.

Yamaha DBR12 12" Powered PA Speaker

Yamaha DBR12 12" Powered PA Speaker

With its 131dB SPL and 12" woofer, the Yamaha DBR12 has enough projection and low-end for competent FOH use. But since it has Yamaha's clarity and built-in EQ capabilities via the D-Contour switch, it continues to be highly rated for being a good monitor speaker as well.

It operates similar to the smaller DBR10, but with a slightly bigger profile that allows for a bit more bass frequency emphasis.

With its versatility, the DBR12 is a true all-in-one stand-alone speaker that can serve many purposes.

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12" Powered PA Speaker - 1000W

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12" Powered PA Speaker - 1000W

Electro-Voice is known for providing speakers with good specs at a more affordable price point, and the ZLX-12P is a good example of how successful their strategy is.

At just under $400, this powered speaker can get really loud with its 1000W (Peak) class D amplifier built in, which drives a 12" woofer and a 1.5" tweeter.

Positioning flexibility makes it an even better deal.

But what really makes it a market favorite is its clean Hi-Fi sound, which makes it a viable stage monitor with more bottom end, thanks to its 12" speaker.

Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ (Discontinued)

Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ

With so many new bass guitar designs available, its impressive how the old Precision Bass design of Fender continues to be in demand up to this day. The Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ is an affordable take on the iconic bass, complete with a split-single-coil bridge pickup, only this one has an extra Jazz Bass style single-coil, hence the label PJ.

Line 6 Spider Jam Modeling Guitar Amplifier 75W

Line 6 Spider Jam

The Line 6 Spider Jam is true to its name, a guitar amplifier that's meant for convenient jamming, be it with a band, or on your own by playing along with the loops you created, or with the amp's loaded jam tracks.

At its core is a 75 Watt solid-state amplifier that drives a distinct PA speaker like configuration, having a 12" Celestion speaker and a 2" tweeter.

Blackstar ID:30 TVP Guitar Combo Amplifier 30W

Blackstar ID:30 TVP Guitar Combo Amplifier 30W

The Blackstar ID:30 TVP is a portable 30W 1 x 12" combo amplifier with interesting features and sonic versatility. TVP stands for Blackstar's "True Valve Power", which lets you switch between different virtual poweramp valves to vary the response of the amp. It lets you choose between 6V6, EL84, EL34, KT66, 6L6 and KT88, with each one adding varying tube like coloration and characteristics to your tone. In addition, the ID:30 TVP comes with six different preamp flavors: Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1 and OD 2.

On-Stage MS9701TB+ Heavy-Duty Tripod Telescoping Boom Mic Stand

On-Stage MS9701TB+ Heavy-Duty Telescoping Boom Mic Stand

As the name suggests this stand is designed to take on a heavier load and set of work requirements than lighter-weight stands with its heavier diecast leg housings and thicker tubing.

The center clutch grip is coupled with an anti-rotating device on the lower shaft which is designed to make single hand adjustments easier.

Most importantly the Telescoping Boom lets you position the mic wherever you need it - including overhead.

Turbosound iNSPIRE iP1000 Powered Column Speaker System (Discontinued)

Turbosound iNSPIRE iP1000

The Turbosound iNSPIRE iP1000 strays from traditional form-factor with its column design, featuring 8 x 2.75" neodymium drivers, along with 2 x 8" LF drivers and a 1" HF driver.

This design, together with its powerful 1000W amplifier allows for improved clarity and dispersion.

It comes equipped with Klark Teknik DSP with Spatial Sound technology that tweaks the sound subtly to match venues or your preferences.

In addition to all that, it comes with convenient Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to stream audio from your computer and mobile devices.

Gallien-Krueger MB112-II Bass Combo Amplifier

Gallien-Krueger MB112-II Bass Combo Amplifier

The Gallien-Kruegger MB112-II is a true workhorse road-worthy bass combo amp that packs quite the power and tone in a relatively light and compact profile.

Yamaha NTX1200R Natural Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar

Yamaha NTX1200R Natural

This guitar is similar to the NTX700 in that it has a thin body and small nut width designed to be more playable for guitarists who are crossing over from a steel string instrument.

What sets it apart from it's cheaper sibling is that the NTX1200R comes with solid rosewood back and sides giving it richer tones slightly more similar to a traditional classical guitar.

Cordoba C7 CD Nylon String Guitar

Cordoba C7 CD (Canadian Cedar) Nylon String Guitar

From the tonewoods used in its construction, to the dimensions of the body, neck and nut, the Cordoba C7 CD has a true Classical Guitar design.

Cordoba C5 Nylon String Classical Guitar

Cordoba C5 Nylon String Classical Guitar

The Cordoba C5 is a step up from the C3M with most commentary on forums agreeing that the C5 has better sustain despite the specifications for the two instruments looking very similar. Where they differ is that the C5 has a slightly larger upper bout width, slightly longer overall length, slightly smaller soundhole, higher quality tuning pegs and a gloss finish instead of matte.

Cordoba also say that this is one of their top selling guitars.

M-Audio MIDISPORT 2x2 Anniversary Edition USB Bus-Powered MIDI Interface (Discontinued)

The M-Audio MIDISPORT 2x2 was part of M-Audio's 20th anniversary celebration, it expands on the features that are found on the first edition model released in 2000.

Aside from offering two of each MIDI inputs and outputs, it features a stand-alone MIDI merge and THRU functionality, ideal for connecting multiple MIDI devices and daisy chaining.

Connectivity is made easy by simply plugging it into a computer device, and is also powered via USB.

Peavey XR 1220 Powered Audio Mixer (Discontinued)

Peavey XR1220 Powered Mixer

There's no denying that Peavey has won the confidence of many with the quality of the music gear they manufacture, so it's not surprising to find their products doing well in the market - including the XR1220 Powered Mixer.

This lightweight mixer packs quite a lot of bang per pound, weighing in at just 25 lbs., it sports 20 channels and a host of complementary features that make it a viable workhorse mixer and poweramp unit for small to medium sized venues.

Yamaha P-115 88 Key Digital Piano (Discontinued)

Yamaha P-115 88 Key Digital Piano

The P-115 is based on Yamaha's uber expensive CFIIIS 9' concert grand piano, recreating its heavy playing feel and its distinct clear piano sound in a compact and portable form factor.

It starts off with Yamaha's fully weighted "Graded Hammer Standard" action keybed, which emulates the feel of hammers hitting acoustic piano strings.

To get the sound right, the company employed their "Pure CF Sound Engine" which sampled the CFIIIS at different volume and dynamic levels, resulting in a more organic and responsive sound.

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Parlor Guitar (Discontinued)

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top

The humble parlor guitar continues to be a popular portable instrument, even with so many modern alternatives. The Gretsch G9500 is a great example of its staying power in the market, with its classic design that reproduces the vibe and feel of old Gretsch Rex guitars from the '30s. More importantly, it comes with a compact form factor that makes it an ideal portable instrument, or a grab-and-go couch guitar.

Monster Classic Coiled Instrument Guitar Cable (Discontinued)

Monster Classic Coiled Instrument Guitar Cable

Since it is pricey, it's only natural for increased expectations, yet Monster Cable is not one to back down. They've been building their reputation on premium audio cables, which include their recreation of the classic coiled guitar cable. While it sports an old school coiled cable look, this one follows the company's modern design to the letter, with its 20 AWG copper conductor, 90% copper spiral wrap shielding, duraflex jacket and twisted pair construction.

Vox VX50KB 50W Keyboard Amp

Vox VX50KB 50W Keyboard Amp

The Vox VX50KB breaks with keyboard amp tradition and instead of trying to faithfully reproduce the input signal, it actually adds warmth with it's use of old vacuum tube technology which is usually found mostly on guitar amps these days.

It provides independent volume control over all 3 channels, however the 3-band EQ applies to the master output so you can't EQ channels independently.

Sennheiser EW 172 G3 Wireless Guitar System (Discontinued)

Sennheiser EW 172 G3

The Sennheiser EW 172 G3, carries over the benefits of their wireless microphone technology but tweaked for guitarists to enjoy.

Notable guitar friendly features include a guitar tuner, equalizer, and cable emulator.

The guitar tuner feature by itself can replace an entire pedal, while the 5-band EQ and cable emulator allows you to better fine tune your sound, ideal for those who want more control over the resulting sound.

TC Electronic Polytune 2 Pedal Tuner for Guitar & Bass (Discontinued)

TC Electronic Polytune 2 Pedal Tuner

Pedalboard space is an ever dwindling resource for many guitarists, prompting many manufacturers to produce compact versions of their popular pedals. The TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini is one such pedal, a compact version of the Polytune 2, with no battery power option.

Like its bigger sibling, this pedal allows for polyphonic (multi-note) tuning, in addition to conventional chromatic tuning. It also features a Stroboscopic mode that allows for even more tuning accuracy, down to ±0.1 cent.

Arturia BeatStep Pro MIDI Pad Controller & Sequencer

Arturia BeatStep Pro MIDI Pad Controller & Sequencer

The BeatStep Pro showcases 16 drum sequencer pads and two other independent sequencers, with 64 steps per sequence.

It's both a sequencer and controller that syncs with any computer via USB.

Other connections include MIDI In/Out CV/GATE, drum gate, and clock sync connectivity - great for those who prefer working with external hardware, such as analog synthesizers.

IK Multimedia iRig Pads MIDI Pad Groove Controller

IK Multimedia iRig Pads MIDI Pad Controller

IK Multimedia's iRig Pads is a portable 16-pad MIDI controller designed for iOS devices, as well as Mac and PC.

It allows you to easily set up and connect with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with its included Lightning cable.

Its small and lightweight build makes it easy to slip in your bag and carry around. Despite it being small, it has the essential controls for sequencing - two knobs, two push buttons, one slider and one pushbutton rotary encoder.

Novation Launchpad Mini MK2 MIDI Pad Controller

Novation Launchpad Mini MK2 MIDI Pad Controller

The Launchpad Mini is a compact alternative to Novation's Launchpad Pro.

With a lighter and more compact design, it features 64 multi-colored mini pads and 16 programmable buttons for triggering clips, playing drum racks, controlling your mixer and different types parameters.

It's class compliant allowing you to connect with any PC or Mac device and iOS devices via Camera Connection Kit.