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Gearank meta-reviews tell you what large numbers of musicians and experts have been saying about specific models/items to help you swiftly grasp their pros and cons in real-world use and situations.

Instead of being limited to one reviewer's opinion, you get expert analysis of the reviews, feedback, discussions and comments a multitude of owners and users have shared via store ratings, forum discussions, videos, blogs, articles and the like.

Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Electronic Drum Set (Discontinued)

Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Electronic Drum Kit

At the core of this kit is Roland's SuperNATURAL sound engine, which gives it the same realism and sound quality as more expensive units.

And you're not getting just one good set of sounds, because the Drum Module lets you choose from a wide variety of drum kits and sounds. If that's not enough, you can also adjust the sound to your liking.

Students will appreciate the built-in Coach Function, recording and other practice friendly features.

Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Portable Electronic Drum Set (Discontinued)

Roland TD-4KP V-Drums

With their years of experience building portable instruments and amplifiers, Roland knows how to balance quality, affordability and portability, as exemplified by this drum kit.

The TD-4KP's distinct feature is its foldable drum stand, which hastens breakdown/setup, and lessens its overall footprint for convenient storage and transport.

And it does all this without straying too far from the familiar drum kit setup, making it ideal for drummers who are always on the go, and for those who reside in small dorms and apartments.

Roland TD-1KV V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Set (Discontinued)

Roland TD-1KV V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Set

The TD-1KV is part of Roland's entry-level line which showcases their build quality in a more space saving form factor.

It is a step-up from the TD-1K, with the main difference being the PDX-8 dual trigger snare with mesh pad, something that's normally only available with more expensive kits.

The snare is complemented by a complete set of toms, ride, crash cymbal and hi-hat, albeit smaller, to allow for full drum kit functionality without the bulk.

Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC 5-Piece Acoustic Drum Set w/ 22" Kick

Pearl Roadshow RS525WFC 5-Piece Drum Set

Most 5-piece kits have 2 mounted toms and 1 floor tom - the point of difference with the RS525WFC is that it comes with 1 mounted tom and 2 floor toms - the smaller of the two floor toms has a greater diameter than most mounted 2nd toms so it allows for lower tones.

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar (Discontinued)

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Ibanez is well known for providing good quality instruments in every price point, from those used by virtuosos like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, to affordable acoustics meant for the average joe.

The V70CE is part of their extended line up of instruments, a standard dreadnought acoustic electric guitar with Ibanez' quality control reputation backing it up.

It features a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck and built-in electronics with basic EQ.

Oscar Schmidt OG10CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Oscar Schmidt OG10CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

While dreadnought is still the most popular shape, there are other shapes that provide a slightly different tone and comfort. One such shape is the concert size, with its narrower "waist" that makes it a bit more comfortable to sit on your lap, and a subtly warmer sound.

This is the particular shape that the OG10CE comes in, and is made by Oscar Schmidt, a sub-brand of Washburn.

It features an all-laminate body (spruce top and catalpa for the sides and back), and comes with a built-in active MET-10 preamp system with built-in tuner.

Jameson Guitars 900 Series Full Size Thinline 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar (Discontinued)

Jameson Guitars 900 Series Full Size Thinline 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

With its thinline 3" thick body, the Jameson 900 Series acoustic electric guitar is easier to carry around and less prone to feedback.

But because of its shallower body, acoustic projection and volume is expected to be lower than its bigger counterparts.

For plugging in, it has a passive pickup and basic volume and tone control.

Finally, this guitar comes in various colors, in case you have a particular aesthetic preference.

Earthworks SR40V Handheld Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone

Earthworks SR40V Handheld Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone

Earthworks believes in the quality of the SR40V so much, that it comes with a 15 year warranty.

This by itself is telling of the quality, which many popular singers noticed and put to good use on the big stages, most notable of which is James Taylor who's been using it live since 2011.

Neumann KMS 105 Handheld Supercardioid Condenser Microphone

Neumann KMS 105 Handheld Supercardioid Condenser Microphone

Neumann is well known brand when it comes to recording gear, but incredibly one of their best rated mics, the KMS 105 is actually a handheld condenser mic for live vocal use. Big name artists like Norah Jones and Michael Buble are just two of the many professionals who put the Neumann KMS 105 to good use.

This mic comes with a supercardiod polar pattern that is really good at rejecting unwanted sound, and it has the ability to control proximity effect via a 120Hz high-pass filter. Both of these features work together to make this mic as transparent and clean sounding as possible.

Shure KSM9 Dual Diaphragm Handheld Condenser Microphone for Live Stage Use

Shure KSM9

This is a mic that's truly ready for the big stage, with its quiet operation, background noise reduction and Shure's brand of quality and reliability.

It lets you switch between Cardioid or Supercardioid polar patterns, both of which are well known for their feedback reduction qualities, with the Supercardioid having a tighter polar pattern.

On-Stage WS8550 Large Heavy-Duty Table Keyboard Stand

On-Stage Stands WS8550 Large Heavy-Duty Table Keyboard Stand

Back in February 2017 and March 2018, the WS8550 was the highest rated Table or T- style stand under $100 but the price went up during 2019.

It is suitable for most 49-key and larger keyboards. The 8 rubber pads (2 on each of the extended arms) can be adjusted to firmly hold a wide range of gear. With its variable width and depth it's also well suited to holding many DJ Coffins and Mixing Consoles.

On-Stage KS7190 Classic Single X Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS7190 Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand

The On-Stage KS7190 is a simple single braced X keyboard stand.

Like the World Tour SXKS it is best suited to use at home or in the rehearsal room as opposed to regularly gigging.

It works well with keyboards from 49 to 88 keys and being able to reduce to 11" in width at it's highest setting, it will also hold some 25 key instruments.

Shure KSM141 SL Dual-pattern End-Address Condenser Microphone

Shure KSM141 SL Dual-pattern End-Address Condenser Microphone

The Shure KSM141 SL is a premium small diaphragm condenser microphone, featuring a low mass 2.5 micron thin mylar condenser diaphragm that allows it to handle loud sound sources.

To achieve this, Shure designed the mic to have high max SPL handling of 159dB thanks to its three position switchable pad which attenuates at 25 dB, 15 dB and 0.

It also houses a Class A transformerless design preamp that further improves overall performance while reducing noise.

Audix VX5 Handheld Supercardioid Condenser Microphone

Audix VX5 Handheld Supercardioid Condenser Microphone

The Audix VX-5 is a condenser mic that features a tighter supercardioid polar pattern, and smoother frequency response. This makes the mic viable for live vocal performances, studio recording and even broadcasting.

Being a condenser mic, it can also double as an all-around mic for acoustic drums, wind instruments, acoustic guitars and more.

Behringer MOTÖR 61 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller (Discontinued)

Behringer MOTÖR 61 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Behringer is known for the incredible value that their products bring, and this is exemplified by the MOTÖR 61.

For the price, you are getting a full-featured MIDI keyboard controller complete with velocity-sensitive pads, transport controls, encoders, and buttons - but what sets it apart is its motorized faders, something that's normally only seen on expensive keyboards and mixers.

As for the keys, Behringer equipped it with 61 semi-weighted synth-action keys that are velocity sensitive and feature aftertouch.

Roland GAIA SH-01 Virtual Analog Digital Synthesizer

Roland GAIA SH-01 Virtual Analog  Digital Synthesizer

The Roland GAIA SH-01 is a lightweight virtual analog synthesizer that has three synth engines each with their own dedicated oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LFO.

This synthesizer can run on either AC or battery power for portability purposes.

It provides 64 voices of polyphony and can layer up to five simultaneous effects for various sonic capabilities.

Novation MiniNova Virtual Analog Digital Synthesizer with Vocoder

Novation MiniNova Virtual Analog Digital Synthesizer with Vocoder

The MiniNova is a small and affordable synthesizer that includes 256 tweakable factory sounds along with 128 user patch storage in order to store your own customized sounds.

Its eight animate buttons are a prominent feature used to trigger certain parameters that allow you to warp your patches in real-time.

It also features Vocaltune- a vocoder function that records and tunes your vocals to the keyboard.

Korg microKORG Virtual Analog Digital Synthesizer with Vocoder

Korg microKORG Virtual Analog Digital Synthesizer with Vocoder

The microKORG is a more portable version of the MS2000 from Korg.

Along with the similar dual oscillator synthesis engine, it has an eight-band vocoder that can simulate classic sounds.

The Formant Hold key, which is a part of its vocoder program, can "freeze" and capture your vocal signal for you to play it on the keyboard.

Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer (Discontinued)

Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer

The Sub Phatty includes an all-analog signal path that showcases Moog’s Multidrive - a feature that delivers a warm and gritty effect and modern distortion.

This synthesizer also has a sub oscillator that brings out depth and thickness in bass tones, a noise generator for sculpting analog percussion and sound effects, and its Moog Ladder Filter that gives that punchy Moog sound.

Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer

Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer

The Bass Station II is a successor to the classic Bass Station launched over 20 years ago.

While still retaining the classic analog tone from the original, it showcases an interface with up-to-date features.

In addition to the classic filter acquired from the original Bass Station, it has an Acid Filter setting with a diode ladder design that produces a darker and smoother sound.

Its built-in arpeggiator lets you select up to 32 different patterns in different directions while its sequencer lets you play and recall up to four of your own patterns.

Shure Beta 87A Handheld Supercardioid Electret Condenser Mic

Shure Beta 87A Handheld Supercardioid Electret Condenser Mic

The Shure Beta 87A has a built-in pop filter and a low-frequency roll-off that reduces the proximity effect so you can get your lips up close to this mic.

This mic is used live by Kris Allen who won the 8th season of American Idol.

Blue enCORE 300 Condenser Handheld Cardioid Microphone

Blue Microphones enCORE 300

Blue Microphones bill the enCORE 300 as their leading live vocal mic.

It has a floating capsule design which reduces handling noise and its cardiod pickup pattern is very good at rejecting sounds that aren't coming from directly in front of it.

Vox amPlug 2 Clean Guitar Headphone Amp

Vox amPlug 2 Clean Headphone Guitar Amp

The Vox amPlug 2 Clean features good old clean tones driven straight to your headphones.

Since clean tone lets you hear the nuances of your guitar playing better, it is ideal for improving your technique.

It is also great for those who want to develop song ideas in places where you can't get too noisy.

Other features include built-in effects (three types of chorus, delay and reverb), auto-power off, folding plug mechanism, and an aux in for jamming along with your favorite track.

Heil Sound PR 40 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Heil Sound PR 40 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The Heil Sound PR 40 is a dynamic microphone that can handle a variety of vocal applications, from recording singing and voice overs, to live broadcasting.

While it may look like a condenser mic, it is a true dynamic microphone, with a large diaphragm and low mass magnet that allows for high SPL handling and improved dynamic range.

This makes the PR 40 viable for capturing loud sound sources like kick drums.

Sennheiser HD 650 Open-Back Headphones

Sennheiser HD 650 Open-Back Headphones

Sennheiser HD 650 are based on the HD 600, along with improved features.

Aside from their lightweight aluminum voice coils made for smooth transient response and magnet systems for minimizing distortion, they have elliptical designed ear cups that fit comfortably on ears.

These also have a detachable cable that's made from highly conductive oxygen-free copper made for low handling noise.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Open-Back Studio Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Open-Back Studio Headphones

The DT 990 is among the best rated open-back studio headphones you can get for under $200.

Features include their robust and soft padded headband, along with their cushion ear pads for maximum comfort.

They provide pleasant bass and precise trebles when it comes to frequency response.

Shure SRH1540 Mastering & Studio Closed-Back Headphones

Shure SRH1540 Mastering & Studio Closed-Back Headphones

The SRH1540 have an extensive soundstage, making them ideal as reference or monitor studio headphones and even a compelling option for mixing and mastering.

They were designed with Alcantara ear pads for providing sound isolation and a fully adjustable and lightweight headband, which makes them comfortable for extended studio use.

They were also developed with aluminum alloy and carbon fiber construction for an even more durability.

Beyerdynamic DT 150 Closed-back Studio Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 150

The DT 150 are studio headphones that offer maximum noise isolation, ideal for referencing or monitoring in professional environments.

With a wide and extended frequency response, they provide an accurate reproduction of playback of your recordings.

Their distinctly rectangular design coupled with an impedance of 250 Ohms makes these better suited to studio and home use rather than listening out in public.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones - Closed-Back

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones

The ATH-M50x is an improved version of the ATH-M50 from Audio-Technica, with a detachable cable as an extra feature. These headphones are well suited to studio environments and home recording. They have circumaural earcups for sound isolation purposes and a foldable design for portability. These headphones are also ideal for DJ monitoring and casual listening.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Digital Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Digital Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering OP-1 is a portable synthesizer, sampler and controller all in one compact unit with a futuristic design.

It comes with eight different synth engines, and exchangeable effects and LFOs available on the manufacturer’s website.

The color-coded interface corresponds to the color graphics on its OLED display, making it easy to read and shape sounds in a non-technical way.

ART Voice Channel - Stereo Channel Strip & Mic Preamp

ART Voice Channel - Channel Strip & Mic Preamp

The ART Voice Channel is a full featured tube preamp with built-in dynamics processor, EQ and digital output, and rightly so because Advanced Research and Technology or ART designed it to be an all-one-one preamp solution.

At the core of this unit is a class A tube preamp circuit with a 12AX7 tube, selectable voltage plate and variable impedance - which makes the preamp by itself quite versatile.

Steinberg UR12 2-Channel USB Audio Interface

Steinberg UR12 2-Channel USB Audio Interface

Steinberg, the creator of Cubase and VST technology had a lot of legacies to live up to when they announced they announced the UR12 as an affordable, entry-level audio interface in collaboration with Yamaha.

This means that the UR12 fully integrates with their software while providing true discrete class A preamp circuitry.

Couple this with compatibility with Windows, Mac OSX and iOS and you have an audio interface perfect tor taking with you.

Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitor Headphones (Discontinued)

Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones

First released in 1985, the Sony MDR-V6 became the industry standard headphones for studio use.

And while there are newer models available, it still continues to be a staple in many home studios.

At its core are two 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers that are designed to be flat and transparent, while the closed-back cans completes its studio friendly features.

QSC KW153 3-way 1000W 15" Powered PA Speaker

QSC KW153 3-way 1000W 15" Powered PA Speaker

Before the February 2020 price increase, the QSC KW153 had the highest rating among all the powered PA speakers under $1500.

And it's not surprising because this three way powered loudspeaker can get really low and loud, while still retaining the sound quality expected from QSC.

It features a 1000W (Continuous RMS) amplifier that drives a 15" LF driver, a 6.6" MF (Middle Frequency) Driver and a 1.75" tweeter, all of which converge nicely thanks to combination of great DSP and projection.

Yamaha FGX800C Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha FGX800C

Yamaha is well known for the quality of their mass produced and affordable guitars, and they continue to be the brand of choice for students and even for teachers. The Yamaha FGX800C was tasked to represent brand in the sub $300 price range (until the price went up in February 2020), and judging from reviews, it is doing very well in the market.

Everything about this guitar is conventional, from its familiar dreadnought cut-away shape to its comfortable neck and string action.

Digitech Jamman Solo XT Stereo Looper (Discontinued)

Digitech Jamman Solo XT Stereo Looper

With over three decades of experience building loopers, DigiTech pulled no punches with the JamMan Solo XT, a feature packed looper in a standard size stompbox.

It starts off with an already impressive total loop time of 36 minutes, but it can go as far as 16 hours when you utilize a micro SDHC card.

You can divide the loop time into 200 internal memory slots and 200 external memory slots, for a total of 400 loops, which is expansive considering the unit's size.

Takamine GD71CE 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine GD71CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Takamine GD71CE is a feature packed acoustic-electric guitar, with its solid top construction, visual embellishments and improved electronics.

Takamine equipped this guitar with a solid spruce top and rosewood for the back and sides - a nice tonewood combination known for its articulate sound.

It also comes with matching aesthetic appointments that include maple binding for the body, neck and headstock, abalone rosette, rosewood headcap, maple dot inlays, gold die-cast tuners with amber buttons, and the body is wrapped in a nice looking gloss finish.

Squier Affinity Series Telecaster (SS) Solidbody 6 String Electric Guitar

Squier Affinity Series Telecaster (SS)

The Telecaster is the guitar that effectively started the solid-body electric guitar revolution.

During the 1930s and 1940s several companies tried to produce a solid-body electric but none of them were commercially successful. Then Leo Fender released his design in 1950 with a single pickup under the name Esquire, then added a second pickup and sold it under the name Broadcaster but soon had to change it due to a lawsuit from Gretsch who were already selling a drum kit using that name. Thus the "Tele" as we know it today was born.

Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Headphones

Thanks to brands like Samson Tech, you don't have to shell out big bucks to have good quality studio reference headphones. For the price, the Samson SR850 gives you a pair of studio reference headphones with big 50mm drivers in semi-open back cans. This bigger driver allows for a fuller sound, while the semi-open design adds ambience and diffuses some of the extra low-end for more room-like monitoring experience. Both cans come with circumaural pads and are attached to the SR850's self-adjusting headband.

Fractal Audio AX8 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor & Amp Modeler (Discontinued)

Fractal Audio AX8 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Fractal Audio is well reputed for their premium quality guitar processors, and as of this update, the AX8 is the best rated floor-based model that they are offering.

It is a streamlined version of their flagship Axe FX series, carrying over many of its best features including its simulated amp and effects models.

Note that streamlined doesn't mean lack, because this multi-effects unit has more effects than you'll probably ever use on stage - with 130 different effects in 20 categories, from overdrives, to reverb, to harmony and it even comes with looping.

KRK KNS 8400 Studio Monitoring Headphones - Closed-Back

KRK KNS 8400 Studio Monitoring Headphones - Closed-Back

KRK are known to make high quality studio monitors. The KNS 8400 reference monitor headphones are designed with an accurate, natural and wide frequency response that gives a similar experience when recording and mixing using speakers. Their cushions have built-in memory foam that adds to the comfort factor when wearing headphones over long sessions of listening.

Swan 10 Hole 20 Tone Harmonica - Key of C

Swan 10 Hole 20 Tone Harmonica

The Swan 10 Hole is an basic diatonic harmonica made for beginners.

It showcases a very simple silver design with a logo embedded and a stainless steel cover plate. It also comes with a plastic case with a cloth to keep your harmonica clean and safe.

Seydel Blues Silver 1847 Harmonica - Key of C

Seydel Blues Silver 1847 Harmonica - Key of C

The Blues Silver 1847 is well known for its stainless steel reeds and non-corrosive silver-finish reed plates.

Instead of having the Classic 1847's maple comb, the Blues Silver version has been upgraded to a solid polymer comb built with an addition of stainless steel reed plate screws.

Its cover plates are built to be beard and lip-friendly due to its rounded edge design.

Seydel Big Six Blues Classic Harmonica - Key of C

Seydel Big Six Blues Classic Harmonica - Key of C

The Big Six Blues Classic is a 6 hole miniature harmonica that comes with a decorative tin can packaging, and a lanyard to wear it around your neck.

At first glance it looks like a toy, but it actually produces a professional sound since it has the same stainless steel reeds modeled after the Classic Seydel 1847 harmonica.

LyxPro HAS-30 Closed-back Headphones

LyxPro HAS-30 Closed-back Headphones

With 50mm Neodymium drivers, the LyxPro HAS-30 gives you quite a lot of sound for the price.

But it's not just about overall volume increase because these bigger drivers are meant to reproduce bass frequencies better, making it viable for electronic musicians and DJs, and for listening to tracks with more low end.

To make it more road worthy, LyxPro opted for detachable cables, and they included both a straight and coiled cable in the package.

Yamaha HPH-50 Closed-back Headphones

Yamaha HPH-50 Closed-back Headphones

The Yamaha HPH-50 is an affordable closed-back set of headphones with straightforward features that are meant to appeal to those with budget constraints, from casual listeners to home studio owners.

At its core are 38mm neodymium drivers that work well with its closed cup design. It also comes with good swivel mechanism and velour ear pads, both of which are meant to make positioning easy and comfortable.

For plugging in, it comes with a 1/8" plug and a 1/4" adapter.

TASCAM DR-40 Handheld 4-Track Recorder (Discontinued)

TASCAM DR-40 Handheld 4-Track Recorder

The TASCAM DR-40 is a solid handheld recorder that offers 4-track recording and adjustable microphones, its internal mics are adjustable from XY to AB position.

While the two XY built in microphones are positioned close together at a 90 degree angle, the built-in AB position is when the microphone's configuration pans in left or right to capture the stereo image of audio recordings.

The microphone preamps have phantom power so you can use it with external condenser mics.

TASCAM DR-05 Portable Handheld Recorder (Discontinued)

The TASCAM DR-05 is a simple and budget friendly choice when looking for a portable audio recorder.

Its omnidirectional microphone helps record surround sounds from different directions. Its peak reduction feature automatically lowers the level of a detected peak sound while recording. It makes it easy to operate by automatically setting the best level while listening to the input and it also works in rehearsal mode and while recording .Other features include the "Variable Speed Audition" which is used to loop and slow down playback without changing the pitch.

Zoom H1n Handy Recorder - Handheld

Zoom H1n Handy Recorder

The H1n is a revamped version of the Zoom H1.

It offers series of new features including its 1.25" monochromatic display with a clean layout and backlight that's visible in dark or direct light, and a redesigned one touch button for recording.

Additionally, it has a tone generator feature that syncs up audio with video, great for filmmaking with DSLR and video cameras.

Gator GPT-PRO-PWR Powered Pedalboard (30" x 16")

Gator GPT-PRO-PWR Powered Pedalboard (30" x 16")

The Gator GPT-PRO-PWR is a traditional style pedalboard that comes bundled with a power supply and a carrying case.

The pedalboard is crafted from plywood, and is covered in Tolex material.

This particular model is quite big, with a usable surface area of 30" x 16" - more than enough space for attaching more than 10 standard size pedals.

The board is angled for easier access to the pedals, and for providing space for a power supply at the bottom.

Gator GPT-BL-PWR Powered Wood Pedalboard (16.5″ X 12″)

Gator GPT-PWR Powered Pedalboard

The Gator GPT-BL-PWR is the smaller version of the GPW-PRO-PWR, with space for up to 8 regular size pedals.

The frame follows traditional plywood design, albeit covered in tolex for a more premium look.

The face of the board is covered in velcro for attaching your guitar pedals, velcro strips for the pedals are included in the package so you can setup your gear right out of the box.

Boss BCB-30 Pedalboard (13" x 11.8")

Boss BCB-30 Pedalboard

The Boss BCB-30 pedalboard case brings with it the company's brand of reliability and durability, designed for storing up to three standard size Boss pedals. It is basically a sturdy carrying/storage case that can double as a pedalboard, albeit with strict requirements when it comes to the shape and size of the pedal, following after Boss' stompbox design.

You simply unlatch the lock and take the top cover off to use it as a board, and re-attach the cover when you're ready to move out.

Donner DB-3 Aluminium Pedalboard with Case (20" x 11.42")

Donner DB-3 Aluminium Pedalboard with Case

The Donner DB-3 pedalboard carries over the same stability and portability of other rail-type almunimum boards, only this one is much more affordable.

While it may not have the same quality and weight reduction, it will get the job done at a more reasonable price, which is what matters for most guitar players.

The DB-3 has four aluminum rails with a 20" x 11.4" space for fitting in a good number of pedals, (around 12 standard size ones) for the money.

Gator G-Tour Pedalboard-LGW Large (24" x 11")

Gator G-Tour Pedalboard Large (24" x 11")

With their experience in building instrument and gear cases, Gator is in a good position to build quality ready-to-use pedalboards. And that is exactly what they did with the G-Tour Large Pedalboard, combining traditional elements with modern reliability and portability.

It starts off with a plywood frame that can house 10 to 14 pedals, and features aluminum valance for added structural strength.

Gator GPB-BAK Aluminum Pedalboard Large (23.75" x 10.6")

Gator Aluminum Pedalboard Large (23.75" x 10.6")

Gator continues to break the monotonous black color theme of aluminum pedalboards in the market, this time capturing the fancy of guitarists with a large size board that comes in various color finishes.

As the name implies, it is crafted from aluminum, which is preferred by many for it is strength and lighter weight.

It has an angled profile and features routing perforations for clutter-free positioning of your cables underneath the board.

Gator GPB-LAK-1 Aluminum Pedalboard Small (15.75" x 7")

Gator Aluminum Pedalboard Small (15.75" x 7")

The Gator Aluminum Pedalboard series wins the heart of many guitarists with its white, orange and green color options, but don't fret if you're a hardcore metal guitarist who want black on everything from your eye shadow, to your guitar, to your nails - they do offer one in black.

Instead of utilizing rails, Gator opted for a solid but thinner profile, while providing streamlined perforations in just the right spots for clutter-free cabling.

Pedaltrain Metro 16 SC Pedalboard with Soft Case PT-M16-SC (16" x 8")

Pedaltrain Metro 16 Pedalboard with Soft Case (16" x 8")

Pedaltrain's Metro series features the same powder-coated aircraft grade aluminum railings that are favored for being lighter and stronger than conventional plywood boards.

The main difference that the Metro series offers is its 3 railing configuration and non-angled flat profile. The 3-rail design is specifically meant for musicians with pedals that have different shapes and sizes. The top rail is ideal for accommodating taller pedals, or for positioning compact pedals horizontally.

Tascam Celesonic US-20x20 USB Audio Interface - 10 Analog Inputs

Tascam Celesonic US-20x20 USB Audio Interface

The TASCAM Celesonic US-20x20 can be used as a USB audio interface, a mic preamp and it even has mixer functions. As such, it is gives you quite a lot for the money, which in turn catches the attention of many home studio owners who want a good value for money interface.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen 18-Channel USB Audio Interface (Discontinued)

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

NB: This 2nd Gen version has been superseded by the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen.

Part of Focusrite's second generation of audio interfaces, the Scarlett 18i20 carries over the best of the original version with upgraded 24-bit/192kHz resolution, improved drivers and software bundle.

It gives you the 8 combo XLR/TRS inputs with Focusrite's popular mic preamps, a 2-channel S/PDIF input and an optical ADAT input for expansion to a total of 18 channels.

Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Arturia MiniLab MkII

The MiniLab MkII is the follow-up version of the original MiniLab with improved and upgraded functions.

It offers more than the usual MIDI features, even functioning as a synthesizer when paired with Arturia's own Analog Lab Lite software that has hundreds of quality sounding presets.

Its controls include 8 RGB pressure sensitive pads, 16 rotary encoders, and its touch sensors for its pitch bend and modulation control.

PreSonus Studio 2|6 USB Audio Interface

PreSonus Studio 2|6 USB Audio Interface

With its 2-in/4-out configuration, the PreSonus Studio 2|6 allows for two channel real-time recording and versatile monitoring.

At its core are two XMAX-L solid-state preamps, both of which run on standard USB bus power while providing good headroom.

For monitoring, PreSonus equipped this unit with Cue Mix A/B functionality, wherein you can switch between two sound sources conveniently.

Shure MVi USB Audio Interface for PC / Mac / Android / iPad (Lightning Compatible)

Shure MVi

Mobile users will appreciate the portability and plug and play compatibility of Shure MVi with the iPad and other iOS devices. It's also compatible with Android, Mac & PC.

Being a compact audio interface, it comes with a single XLR combo jack, but it does offer phantom power (12V powered by an iPad and 48V when USB Bus powered) via its class A preamp.

Other features include DSP preset editing via software and quick loading via built-in controls, and it comes bundled with a lightning compatible cable for convenient connectivity with your favorite iOS device.

Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD 4-Channel USB Audio Interface - 4 Analog Inputs

Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD 4-Channel USB Audio Interface

The Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD is an affordable 4-channel audio interface with a wealth of input/output options.

At its core are four combo jack inputs with Midas Designed preamps, which allows for simultaneous recording of up to four sources. Each channel comes complete with dedicated controls that include Pad switches, Line/Instrument switches and Gain knobs.

Peterson VS-R StroboRack Virtual Strobe Tuner (Discontinued)

Peterson VS-R StroboRack Virtual Strobe Tuner

Peterson are well known for making high-end tuners of all types.

This tuner is used not only by guitarists but has also found a home with guitar technicians who use it for performing set ups and adjusting intonation.

It's also used on stage by guitarists who appreciate the wide range of guitar-specific tuning modes it offers.

Korg CA-40 Chromatic Handheld Tuner (Discontinued)

Korg CA-40 Chromatic Handheld Tuner

The Korg CA-40 has a handy battery saving feature where it turns itself off when left on unused for 20 minutes.

It's not specifically designed for guitar but has found a place with guitarists who also play other instruments from ukulele to brass and woodwind, or who share it with others at home who play those instruments.

Lava Cable Tightrope Solder-Free PedalBoard Kit (10')

Lava Cable Tightrope Solder-Free PedalBoard Kit

The Lava Tightrope Solder-Free kit makes their brand of quality available for pedalboard owners who want to use custom sized patch cables.

It features 10 feet of their Ultramafic solid silver plated 20 gauge cable (32 pF/ft capacitance), which you can cut to your preference.

The cable is paired with 10 right angle plugs, all of which allow for convenient solder-free connectivity.

Creanoso Guitar Pedal Coupler (Discontinued)

Creanoso Guitar Pedal Coupler

The Creanoso pedal coupler is as straightforward as it gets, just two 1/4" male plugs connected back to back so you can save as much space as you can on your board.

The obvious downside of this design is that it will only work if the pedal jacks are of the same height and aligned properly, which limits its use. Still it is quite practical to have, especially since it is affordable.

Fender Performance Series Guitar Patch Cable 6" 2-Pack

Fender Performance Series Guitar Patch Cable 6" 2-Pack

Fender's Performance Series Patch Cable continues to receive good ratings and recommendations.

This patch cable is thicker than many at a 0.31" diameter, with two right angle 1/4" plugs and a flexible PVC jacket that protects the inner conductor and prevents cable memory and kinking.

Art ZDirect 1-Channel Passive DI Box

Art ZDirect Passive Direct Box

The Art ZDirect is incredibly affordable. Those who have used the unit were pleasantly surprised to find that their expectations were not only met, but exceeded.

Reviews are consistent in saying that this unit sounds good and works as intended, it even comes with nifty features like input attenuation and phase inversion.

Also, in a price range where plastic reigns supreme, the ZDirect feels solid with plenty of metal, so you're not too scared of carrying it around.

Behringer Ultra-DI DI600P 1-Channel Passive DI Box

Behringer Ultra-DI DI600P Passive DI Box

Behringer previously had an entry in our recommended list of passive DI boxes with the Ultra-DI DI600P, a versatile unit that's been a favorite budget friendly option for guitarists.

Reviewers rave about its clear sound which works great for both live performance and home recording use.

And you don't just use any DI box for recording, because you'll easily notice faults like clicks, pops and hiss - so being widely used in home recording is quite a testimony to the DI600P's sound quality.

Hughes & Kettner Redbox 5 1-Channel Active DI Box

Hughes & Kettner Redbox 5 Active DI Box

Coming from a manufacturer of tube guitar amps, the Redbox 5 is a guitar amp DI bod that's meant to be a straightforward way to connect old tube amps to PA systems with features that guitarists appreciate.

Speaking of features, the Hughes & Kettner Redbox 5 comes with selectable speaker emulation, which lets you choose from vintage to modern voicing, small or large cabinet size, and it even lets you set tighten or loosen the response. This allows this DI box to function as an easy to use direct recording tool.

Fender Performance Series Instrument Guitar Cable (Discontinued)

Fender Performance Series Instrument Cable

When it comes to guitar gear, there's no denying Fender's production capability. And we're are not just talking about quantity, because they are capable of keeping quality consistently high even with their mass produced products, and this is reflected in the many positive reviews that continue to pour in.

In addition to quantity and quality, they can also produce cables with various looks and lengths, so you can have one with just the right length for your needs.

Features include a PVC jacket, 90% copper shield, metal connectors and strain relief.

Yamaha DXR12 Powered PA Speaker 12" - 1100W (Discontinued)

Yamaha DXR12 Powered PA Speaker

The Yamaha DXR12 is the bigger sibling of the DXR10, featuring the same amplifier section, controls and input/output selection, with the main difference being its bigger 12" woofer.

Consequently, the enclosure is bigger and the overall weight is a bit heavier, but this results in more bass response when compared with the DXR10.

The same Class D amplifier is used, along with Yamaha's DSP FIR-X tuning technology which dynamically optimizes the time alignment between the tweeter and the woofer.

Boss AD-8 Acoustic Preamp Guitar Processor Pedal (Discontinued)

Boss AD-8 Acoustic Preamp Guitar Processor Pedal

Boss has a tendency of going for the extreme when it comes to adding features into their guitar processors, and this rings true with the AD-8.

This preamp packs quite a lot of sounds, equipped with COSM acoustic guitar modeling technology which morphs your guitar sound to be similar to the miked sound of an expensive and sought after acoustic guitar specimen. In addition, it has built-in reverb and a 4-band EQ which gives you even more room to tweak your amplified acoustic sound.

Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer Vocal Effect Pedal

Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer

More than just a vocal effects pedal, the Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer is an all-in-one preamp and effects solution for vocals and acoustic guitars.

It starts off with dedicated preamps for mic and guitar, both of which come with independent effects, of which the microphone side is of particular interest because of its myriad of features.

This includes essential effects like reverb and smart harmony, while also incorporating experimental ones that include distortion, robot and other electronic effect types.

TC Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic Vocal Effects Processor Pedal

TC Helicon Play Acoustic Vocal Effects Processor

The name itself is a big giveaway that the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic is meant for singers who play acoustic-electric guitar.

It combines TC-Helicon's popular vocal effects with TC-Electronic's popular acoustic guitar effects in one convenient package - with separate dedicated controls and input/output jacks.

The vocal section features a mic preamp and familiar effects that include smart harmony, dynamic processing, reverb, echo and pitch correction.

Markbass Micromark 801 Bass Combo Amplifier (Discontinued)

Markbass Micromark 801 Bass Combo Amplifier

The Markbass Micromark 801 is a boutique quality petite amp with good sonic flexibility. This flexibility is credited to its one-knob tone control VPF (Variable Preshape Filter), turning it higher boosts treble and bass frequencies and cuts mid-range frequencies. When lowered, the VPF adjusts the sound to emphasize the mids while lowering treble and bass frequencies.

The amp comes with three options for sound production: using the included speaker, passing the signal directly to a P.A., or driving an extension cab. It also features an AUX-in as well as a headphone-out.

Phil Jones Bass Double Four (BG-75) Combo Bass Amplifier

Phil Jones Bass Double Four Combo Amplifier

In every industry there’s a product that defies commonly held conventions, and the Phil Jones Double Four Bass is a perfect example of this.

Looking at the amp, you’d be right to think that it’s an overpriced practice amp.

That would be most musician’s first impression when they look at this amplifier. But believe it or not, this amp packs a pretty meaty punch.

Fender Rumble 100 V3 Bass Combo Amplifier

Fender Rumble 100 V3 Bass Combo Amplifier

Due to the popularity of Americana/folk based genres, there’s a significant number of electric bassists who play a genre that fits very well into the coffee shop scene. In this scene, you’re not really going to need a ton of wattage. Rather, the ideal amp in this situation is something light, versatile, reliable, loud (and preferably cheap!) - and the Fender Rumble 100 V3 fits the bill nicely.

Roland CUBE-20XL Bass Combo Amplifier

Roland CUBE-20XL Bass Combo Amplifier

Roland continues to build their reputation in the amp market with their popular Cube series, extending their reach even to the top echelons of bass amplifiers with the Cube-20XL Bass.

Weighing in at just 21 lbs, the Roland Cube-20XL Bass remains true to the portability paradigm of the Cube series, only this one is especially designed to reproduce the frequencies needed by bass guitars with its 20-watt solidstate amp and 8"speaker.

Sound Devices MixPre-10M 10-Track Portable Multitrack Recorder (Discontinued)

Sound Devices MixPre-10M

Sound Devices is an American company known for making field recording and live production products like their flagship Scorpio series.

The MixPre series was released in 2018 as a musician-centered mixer/recorder hybrid that offers overdubbing, punch recording, and track bouncing, along with professional-quality effects.

Neumann KH 805 Studio Subwoofer (Discontinued)

Neumann KH 805 Subwoofer Studio Monitor

The Neumann KH 805 is easily one of the priciest studio subwoofers, so it's not for the weak of heart when it comes to budget, but those who are willing to invest in the KH 805 will enjoy its premium build, sound quality and control flexibility.

It features a 10" woofer that's magnetically shielded for ultra-quiet and clean lows, while the 160W (Continuous) amplifier provides enough juice for use in any home and professional studio setups.

PreSonus Temblor T10 Studio Subwoofer Monitor

PreSonus Temblor T10

The PreSonus Temblor T10 subwoofer offers serious low-end that can fill small to big studios.

It features a 10" woofer that's driven by 250 watts of Class AB amplification, which can be quite loud when needed.

With its versatile input/output ports, the Temblor T10 is very easy to implement in home studio setups.

KRK K10s2 Studio Subwoofer

KRK K10S2 Studio Monitor Subwoofer

Founded in 1986, KRK has grown to be one of the most familiar brands in near-field sound monitoring. The KRK K10S2 is a 160 Watt powered subwoofer with a 10" glass-aramid composite woofer, and a 2" voice coil.

It features adjustable crossover with a sensitivity switch for better compatibility with other pro or consumer audio equipment, making this an ideal choice for those who want a subwoofer that can handle music production and leisure listening.

Countryman Type 85 1-Channel Active DI Box

Countryman Type 85

Countryman continues the be the DI of choice for many musicians and professionals, thanks to its impeccable reliability and its transparent sound.

D'Addario Planet Waves Classic Series Balanced XLR Cable 25'

Planet Waves Classic Series Balanced XLR Cable 25'

Planet Waves was acquired by popular guitar accessories manufacturer D'Addario, and it became their entry point into the cable market.

This sub brand now carries an extensive line of cables designed for specific purposes, and the Classic Series XLR cable is just one of them, especially designed for microphone use.

This XLR cable makes it to this list with its reliable operation, carrying over the same qualities that made Planet Waves instrument cables popular among musicians.

Korg microKEY AIR-61 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller with Bluetooth

Korg microKEY AIR-61 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller with Bluetooth

Korg is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to music gear technology, and the microKEY AIR-61 is an excellent example.

This MIDI keyboard offers true wireless operation with its built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to control your software instruments without having to plug-in any cables.

M-Audio Oxygen 61 MKIV 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

M-Audio Oxygen 61 MKIV

M-Audio has a knack for producing music gear with good features at modest price points, case in point is the Oxygen 61 MKIV with its full-size synth-action keys that rival those from more expensive units.

Complementing the keys are controls that include 8 velocity-sensitive pads, 8 assignable knobs, and 9 faders.

The automap functionality with industry standard DAWs like ProTools, Logic, Reason, Cubase and more also makes first time experience with this unit even more pleasing.

Novation Launchkey 61 MK2 - 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Novation Launchkey 61 MK2

The MK2's most notable update is improved compatibility with Ableton Live, further establishing the Launchkey series as the MIDI Keyboard Controller to get for said DAW.

Hardware improvements were also implemented, including reliability improvements for the knobs and pads, as well as the addition of RGB color-matching feature to its 16 velocity sensitive pads.

It retains its 61-key velocity sensitive synth style keys and its class compliant design.

Alesis VI61 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Alesis VI61 61 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Alesis continues its legacy of providing quality yet affordable equipment, as seen in their entry into this list, the Alesis VI61.

It's major highlight is the medium tension piano-style keys with aftertouch that it comes equipped with.

And it's not just about the keys, because the Alesis VI61 comes packed with features, with a staggering number of buttons to boot!

Samson Carbon 61 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Samson Carbon 61 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Samson Carbon 61 is as streamlined as it gets, with minimal controls, focusing only on what's important in the entry level price range, which is the keybed.

This reduces clutter and movable parts, resulting in a more compact and lighter controller that gets the job done.

The 61-key keybed is semi-weighted, which gives it a synth style action that many prefer. The keys are velocity sensitive, allowing for expressive playing.

RMI Basswitch IQ DI Bass Preamp Pedal (Discontinued)

RMI Basswitch IQ DI Bass Preamp Pedal

The RMI Basswitch IQ DI is a 2-channel preamp with expanded connectivity and tone shaping options.

It boasts of having a studio grade preamp with a Lehle LTMZ transformer especially tweaked for the lower frequencies needed by bass guitars. The preamp is complemented by a 6-band prametric EQ that can be bypassed or tweaked to your preference.

The unit's two inputs and switchable impedance allow for using different types of instruments, from passive to active electric basses, and even piezo equipped acoustic and upright bass.

Behringer Ultratone KXD12 600W 4-channel Mixing Keyboard Amp

Behringer Ultratone KXD12 600W 4-channel Mixing Keyboard Amp

This 4 channel amp has an XLR input that works well with microphones that don't require phantom power and many musicians report using it successfully as a small PA system to sing and play through at the same time. This includes both keyboardists and singer/acoustic guitarists and it comes with Behringer's FBQ feedback detecting system to help with that application.

Behringer Ultratone K450FX 45 Watt 3-Channel Mixing Keyboard Amp

Behringer Ultratone K450FX 45 Watt Keyboard Amp

The Behringer Ultratone K450FX is both a keyboard amp and a small PA system with 3 independent stereo channels, an XLR input for a dynamic mic and onboard effects including reverb, delay and more.

It is also designed to be used as an amp for electronic drums, and some acoustic guitarist / singers also use it.

Behringer have also included their FBQ Feedback Detection System which provides a control knob for eliminating feedback at specific frequencies.

Nektar Impact LX61+ 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Nektar Impact LX61+ 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Nektar Impact LX61+ is a step up in both price and features from the GX61. You get additional features like a more comprehensive control and pad scheme with faders, encoders and a full transport section.