Tech 21 SansAmp Character VT Bass Deluxe Preamp DI Pedal (Discontinued)

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Tech 21
Unfortunately this has been discontinued, so if you’re looking for a new one then check out the top rated alternatives in our guide to The Best Bass Preamps.


For bassists who switch between two different electric bass guitars, having a two channel preamp is no longer a luxury, but a requirement.

And the SansAmp Character VT Bass Deluxe is meant to meet this need, and provide digital flexibility as a bonus.

As expected, each channel is equipped with SansAmp’s tube amp voiced analog preamp circuit, and to get more out of the unit, they opted to equip it with a digital brain where you can save and load presets from.

This unit offers six presets, which is two times more than what the SansAmp PBDI has to offer, which means more tones to conveniently switch between.

It also has a 3-band EQ for tone shaping and sports Tech 21’s “Character” knob, which lets you dial different amp voicings, from vintage clean to modern tones.

The controls are intuitive and allow for a wide range of tones with little tweaking.
obust as other SansAmp designs.

If you’re into the SansAmp tone and want two channel operation and more versatility, then check out the Tech 21 SansAmp Character VT Bass Deluxe.


  • Preamp: 2-Channel SansAmp Preamp with Overdrive
  • Controls: Drive, Character, Level, Phantom & Ground Switch, XLR Out Pad, 1/4″ Out Boost
  • EQ: Low, Mid, High,
  • DI Function: XLR Out
  • Input: 2 x 1/4″
  • Output: 1 x 1/4″, 1 x XLR
  • Power: Optional Power Supply, 9V Battery, Phantom Power
  • Dimensions: 10.8″ x 6.8″ x 2.2″
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs


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