All the Best Guitar Straps of 2024 – Acoustic, Electric & Classical

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The best guitar straps are essential for enhancing the playing experience and comfort. A good strap should offer comfort, durability, and style, with various materials, widths, and adjustability options available.

Guitar straps that demand quality. Not so much because of the strap itself, but the because of the cost of dropping a guitar while playing.

The best guitar straps inspire confidence and make performing comfortable. Some awesome guitar straps incorporate special designs like locking mechanisms, air cushioning, and high quality materials.

This guide will help you select the best guitar strap for your needs.

Featured below are top-rated guitar straps that work for acoustic and electric guitars with two strap buttons. We also present straps that work with single strap button guitars with the help of a string (similar to a shoelace) – the string is tied around the headstock near the nut. A better-looking alternative to laces is the use of strap button adapters, the best of which is also featured here. To round it off, we also present the top-rated classical guitar strap for use with traditional guitars and ukuleles with no strap buttons.

The Best Guitar Straps

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Electric & Acoustic Guitar Straps - For Guitars with Two Strap Buttons

Levy's Leathers MSSC8

94 out of 100. Incorporating 900+ ratings and reviews.


  • Though lightweight, the strap may dig into the shoulder too much when used with heavier instruments like bass guitars.
  • Not Ideal if you prefer a more rugged strap.


  • Non-slip cotton material prevents it from moving around during play.
  • Comfortable than polyester or leather, and does not irritate or chafe the skin.
  • Strong suede ends that securely attach to the guitar and maintain their hold over time.
  • Simple aesthetics, made with lightweight material.

The Levy’s MSSC8 Cotton Guitar Strap has garnered a solid reputation among musicians for its exceptional combination of durability and comfort. Constructed from sturdy cotton with suede ends, it offers a reliable and comfortable fit, preventing unwanted sliding, particularly when compared to lower-quality polyester straps. The suede strap not only contribute to the strap's secure hold but also add a stylish touch. At the same time, the leather logo detail serves as an attractive finishing accent. The strap's excellent quality control further adds to its appeal, ensuring consistent reliability.

Regarding comfort and security, the Levy’s MSSC8 is highly rated for how well it conforms to the body, providing a soft and comfortable feel even during long playing sessions. Its secure attachment to guitar strap buttons offers peace of mind, particularly for those using neck-heavy guitars. The strap's lightweight design is a major advantage, as it doesn't add unnecessary weight to the instrument.

Despite its many strengths, some users have pointed out some limitations. Some consider the length adjustment range somewhat restrictive, which may be a drawback for those needing a wider range of adjustments. Additionally, individuals seeking a more extravagant or distinctive design might find the strap's aesthetics on the basic side.

The Levy's Leathers MSSC8 strap is known for its comfort and reliability, thanks to its use of supple leather. This high-quality material ensures that the strap is both sturdy and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for holding a heavy-body electric guitar securely.


  • Width: 2″
  • Length: Adjustable Up to 65″
  • Material: Cotton
  • Design: PinHole Stitching (Prevents Stretching), Available in Different Colors

Dimarzio ClipLock DD2200

97 out of 100. Incorporating 1450+ ratings and reviews.
At publication time this was the Highest Rated Guitar Strap - for the third edition in a row!


  • Requires installation of special strap buttons
  • Not for those who prefer old school strap designs


  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Fast lock and dislodge function
  • Allows quick and convenient guitar switching
  • Strong design capable of handling heavy guitars and even basses

Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci are just a few of the many professionals who have entrusted their precious guitars to the DiMarzio Cliplock Guitar Strap system.

Its trustworthiness is due to its special quick release "Cliplock" design, which makes switching guitars more convenient without sacrificing stability and reliability. If you're familiar with how Yngwie swings his guitar around his body while performing, then you know that this strap is reliable, if not you can check out some of his older performance videos.

Note that initial setup requires you to permanently replace the strap buttons on your guitar with Cliplock ends, which may be daunting to beginners and guitarists who do not want to modify their instruments, but the result is worth it.

Once compatible buttons are installed on your guitars, you get to enjoy the benefit of this strap, which is stable "locked" attachment to your guitars, and a locking mechanism that opens and locks up quickly. The convenience of fast switching between guitars without having to remove your strap is a big deal for many guitarists, and being able to do so without compromising the stability of your instrument makes the button modifications truly worth it.

Cliplock is available in various configurations, and the most popular version features smooth nylon material that is strong enough to handle over 150 lbs of weight, more than enough for the heaviest electric and acoustic guitars, and even bass guitars.

Get the DiMarzio ClipLock Guitar Strap if you want virtuoso approved professional-grade reliability and convenience.


  • Width: 2"
  • Length: 43.5" - 63.5"
  • Material: Nylon
  • Design: Cliplock System, Available in Different Colors

Rating Source Highlights

Website Source *Rating Value
Audiofanzine Hatsubai 100/100
YouTube Robin Flink 95/100
*Displayed values are prior to the Gearank Algorithm's adjustments it makes when evaluating the source.

Here is a demo of how this strap is installed on a guitar:

LM Products Odin Viking Series Leather Strap

94 out of 100. Incorporating 90+ ratings and reviews.
LM Products


  • Metal buckles and rivets can damage your guitar if not careful
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Initially stiff but will gradually fit better


  • Antique style aesthetics
  • Sturdy brass buckles and rivets
  • Solid build and material quality
  • Durable

The LM Products Odin Viking Series Leather Strap brings to mind the strong, seafaring folk that come from the land of ice and snow.

It mimics the antiquated look of Viking belts and straps by combining leather with metal buckles and rivets, resulting in a stylish and sturdy guitar strap.

Longevity is also an important factor in this strap's design, and to achieve this, LM only uses high-grade thick leather and solid brass parts as they make each strap by hand in the US.

The look of old leather may not be everyone's cup of tea, and expect this strap to feel a bit heavier than others with its thick leather and brass parts.

If you want a tough, long-lasting strap that looks as sturdy as it looks, channel your inner rock god with the Odin Viking Series Leather Strap.


  • Width: 2.5"
  • Length: 47" - 61"
  • Material: Leather
  • Design: Rugged belt-weight leather, Antiqued Brass Rivets, Solid Brass Rings

PRS Leather Bird

94 out of 100. Incorporating 225+ ratings and reviews.


  • Strap holes might need to be adjusted or opened up to fit certain strap buttons.
  • Edge finishing could be better.
  • No guitar strap padding. Not ideal for heavier guitars.


  • Made from quality leather, noted for being soft, comfortable, and durable.
  • Lightweight and comfortable even for extended periods.
  • PRS-style birds embossed complements PRS guitars.
  • Secure fit, reducing the risk of accidental drops.
  • Fits both electric and acoustic guitars.

The PRS Leather Bird Strap is a beautifully crafted accessory designed to perfectly complement your PRS guitar. It's made from fine garment-grade cowhide leather, ensuring durability and a classy appearance. The 2.5-inch width provides even weight distribution, making it comfortable for extended gigs and recording sessions. The soft leather with natural give adds to the overall comfort, allowing you to focus on your performance without the distraction of an uncomfortable strap.

One of the standout features of the PRS Leather Bird Strap is its adjustable length, which accommodates most guitars with a range from 31 to 50 inches. This ensures that it can easily suit your preferred playing position or the size of your guitar. Additionally, the strap is adorned with Paul Reed Smith's iconic bird pattern, adding a touch of elegance and style to your instrument.

While this strap has numerous advantages, it's essential to consider a couple of potential drawbacks. Firstly, the high-quality leather used in the strap does come at a cost, which may make it relatively expensive compared to other options. Additionally, some players may prefer wider straps for better weight distribution, and the PRS Leather Bird Strap's 2.5-inch width may not fully meet their preferences.

Overall, the PRS Leather Bird Strap is a quality and stylish accessory that enhances your playing experience with durability, comfort, and a touch of elegance. While the price and width may be considerations for some, the craftsmanship and iconic design make it a worthy choice for PRS guitar owners.


  • Width: 2.5"
  • Length: 31" - 50"
  • Material: Cowhide Leather
  • Design: Bird Pattern

Vox Python Guitar Strap

95 out of 100. Incorporating 80+ ratings and reviews.


  • Commands quite the price
  • Has more parts to take care of


  • Stand out aesthetics with its metal plates
  • Stays true to the original design
  • Great for Nostalgia
  • Great build quality

Iconic guitarists can turn ordinary guitars into something legendary, and it is not just limited to instruments. After John Lennon used the Vox Python Guitar Strap in the mid-'60s, it went from being a mere strap, into a sought after accessory and memorabilia.

The current production Vox Python strap is a modern recreation of Lennon's original strap, which was auctioned off for around 15 grand. It stays true to the original design, down to the small details, making it this a great nostalgia inducing strap for fans of John Lennon.

It is a 2" wide leather strap with riveted chrome plates that make it visually stand out from regular straps. It is one of the most famous guitar straps.

If money is not an issue, the Vox Python Guitar Strap has enough John Lennon vibe for fans and non-fans alike. It's distinct appearance also makes the Python strap one of the best electric guitar straps available.


  • Width: 2"
  • Length: 52"
  • Material: Leather
  • Design: 25 Chrome Riveted Armor Plates

Rating Source Highlight

Website Source *Rating Value
YouTube alex 90/100
*Displayed values are prior to the Gearank Algorithm's adjustments it makes when evaluating the source.

Acoustic Guitar Strap - For Guitars With One Strap Button

guitar strap with lace
These are designed so that you can tie a cord or lace through the hole on the strap (as pictured) and then tie the lace to the headstock. Alternatively, instead of a lace you can use a Strap Button Adapter.

Levy's Leathers M4GF

93 out of 100. Incorporating 650+ ratings and reviews.
Levy's Leathers


  • Can be too wide for some
  • No quick length adjustments


  • Wide 3.5" foam guitar strap padding
  • Classic leather design
  • Length adjustment without hard parts
  • High quality build and material

Featuring a 3.5" wide strap width, the Levy's Leathers M4GF is a stylish and functional leather strap that offers great support for heavier guitars and basses.

The extra width allows instrument weight to be distributed across your shoulder evenly instead of digging in at a smaller area.

The strap is made with high quality leather with a foam pad for comfort and suede lining to keep slippage to a minimum. The leather used has an unmistakably premium smoothness and feel, as expected from Levy.

It's all-leather design means that there are no buckles used, so you won't accidentally scratch your guitar.

If you need a stylish and premium leather strap for heavier instruments, thee 3.5" wide M4GF is a great pick. It is easily one of the best leather guitar strap options you pick from Levy's Leathers products.


  • Width: 3.5"
  • Length: 36" - 52"
  • Material:Garment Leather
  • Design: Leather strap, Foam pad, Suede back

Taylor 2.5" Embroidered Suede

95 out of 100. Incorporating 475+ ratings and reviews.


  • No quick adjustments
  • Quite expensive for a leather strap


  • Luxurious look and feel
  • High quality materials and stitching
  • No hard parts that can cause scuffing
  • Durable

The Taylor 2.5" Embroidered Suede strap is a luxurious looking and feeling strap made by renowned acoustic guitar brand, Taylor.

It features a soft suede leather strap, made from high quality materials as expected from Taylor. Embroidery and stitching are also up to the same high standards.

It has stepped adjustments and no hard plastic or metal parts, to ensure that nothing on the strap could scratch or scuff your instruments.

If you want a luxurious strap to pair with your acoustic guitar's aesthetics, the Taylor 2.5" Embroidered Suede strap is an eye catching and comfortable choice. This is the best acoustic guitar strap for this edition.


  • Width: 2.5"
  • Length: 51.5" - 58"
  • Material:Suede
  • Design: Brown Embroidered Suede strap with stepped length adjustment

Strap Button Adapter - For Guitars With One Strap Button

Guitar Strap Adapter
These can be used to give you a quick release option instead of having to tie and untie a lace - click on the image for a closer view.

D'Addario DGS15 Guitar Strap Adapter

94 out of 100. Incorporating 2750+ ratings and reviews.
At publication time this was the Highest Rated Guitar Strap Adapter.


  • String ties can damage the headstock if not careful
  • Adds length to the strap


  • Quick release buckle
  • Easy to install and remove
  • No permanent modifications needed

The D'Addario DGS15 (formerly known as the Planet Waves DGS15) is a guitar strap adapter for use with acoustic guitars that have only one strap button.

What makes it different from regular string ties is its use of a quick release buckle, with one side looping around the headstock (under the strings beside the nut), and another looping into the strap hole.

This configuration allows for quick attachment and detachment of the strap, and lets you use regular straps with acoustic guitars more efficiently. More importantly it does all this without needing to do any permanent modifications to your guitar.

Caution that the string ties can damage the headstock finish if used without care.

If you're looking for a secure and convenient way to strap acoustic guitars with one strap button, then get the D'Addario DGS15 Strap Adapter.


  • Loops on the headstock
  • Quick-release connection
  • Works on regular guitar straps without modification
  • Works on single strap button acoustic guitars without modification


Classical Guitar Strap - For Guitars Without Strap Buttons

Levy's M20JN

91 out of 100. Incorporating 150+ ratings and reviews.
Levy's Leathers


  • Plastic hook is prone to cracking or breaking under pressure.
  • Places the full weight of the guitar on one pressure point at the base of the neck.


  • Easy to install and does not require drilling holes for strap buttons.
  • Holds the instrument securely, allowing you to stand and play comfortably.
  • Fits well without scratching the guitar and provides a good distribution of weight.
  • Works with classical guitars, nylon string guitars, mandolins, and even dreadnought guitars.

Made by the renowned guitar strap manufacturer Levy’s Leathers, this 1" wide strap is designed specifically for classical guitars. It's an excellent choice for any classical guitarist, and here's why. The M20JN combines nylon and leather, offering both durability and elegance. The nylon provides flexibility and comfort, while the leather end tabs securely attach to your guitar, ensuring a reliable playing experience.

One of the standout features of the M20JN is its comfort during long playing sessions. The nylon material prevents the strap from digging into your shoulder, allowing you to focus on your performance. Additionally, the strap offers plenty of adjustability in length, making it suitable for various body sizes and playing styles. Levy’s is known for producing high-quality guitar straps; the M20JN is no exception. The brand has earned endorsements from well-known musicians, further attesting to the quality and reliability of their products.

While the M20JN has received positive feedback, some points to consider include the potential longevity of the nylon material compared to all-leather straps and the strap's limited width for those who prefer wider support. Overall, Levy’s M20JN is a stylish, comfortable, and durable option for classical guitarists. It's designed to meet musicians' needs while providing a touch of elegance and functionality.


  • Width: 1"
  • Length: 35"
  • Material: Nylon and Leather
  • Design: Abstract pattern

Things to Consider when Buying Guitar Straps

Guitar Straps are essential for guitarists who regularly perform. Here you'll see important information that can help you in choosing the right guitar strap to buy.

Number of Strap Buttons

  • Guitars with two strap buttons work with standard guitar straps. They are the easiest to work with and provide the most stable, reliable, and convenient way of strapping on your instrument.
  • Guitars with one strap button require strings or straps that can be used to tie the strap to the headstock. To work, one end of the string is tied securely on the strap hole, while the other side is wrapped around the headstock, under the guitar strings beside the nut.

    Note that if the strap you prefer is not bundled with a string tie, or you prefer a string in a different color, you can get your preferred shoelace and use them as ties - just make sure that they are not using rough materials that can damage the finish of your guitar.

    Strap Button Adapters are specialized alternatives to string ties, used to allow regular straps to securely attach to the headstock. They make any regular guitar strap compatible with one strap button instruments and do so with extra visual flair and features.

  • Guitars without strap buttons are harder to strap because they require you to drill at least one strap button into the body for use with standard options. Thankfully, there are specialized Classical Guitar Straps that utilize a soundhole hook to help keep your guitar in position. These straps wrap around the waist of the guitar body, and hook onto the bottom of the soundhole. Note they are not as stable as regular straps, so make sure that one hand is always holding the guitar.


Straps come with different lengths and while most are adjustable, you don't want to end up with one that is either too long or too short. The general idea is that longer straps are for taller players, or for those who prefer their guitars positioned lower. Shorter straps allow for higher positions and are meant for younger or shorter players.


Wider straps spread the weight of the instrument better, which improves comfort and stability. This is especially useful when carrying heavy guitars and basses. The better weight distribution of wide straps also make them great for long playing sessions with a heavy guitar. Wide straps also help alleviate issues like neck dive, where the neck seem to be heavier than the body. Just remember to wear your guitar accordingly to find a good body and neck balance.

Some players find wide straps on their shoulders to be distracting and limiting, while others prefer smaller straps with less friction. So it's not always the case that wider is better. For those wearing thick and stiff clothing, like a padded leather jacket, a narrower strap can help distribute load more comfortably.


Most affordable types of guitar straps feature Nylon because of its strength and affordability. Nylon (neoprene) also serves as a good canvass for colorful and artistic designs. Cheap guitar straps also usually come with plastic buckles, which is light yet still surprisingly sturdy.

Leather guitar straps, like those crafted by Levy's Leathers and Couch Guitar straps, are renowned for their outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Be it faux or an animal product, the natural look and comfortable feel of guitar leather straps have made it the go-to strap for most professionals.

Cotton and fabric are also popular for their comfort but tend to get dirtied. Other materials often used on straps include memory foam, which is used as pads in some padded guitar straps, and suede, which many prefer for its smoother look and feel. If you want the most comfortable guitar strap, then you'll prefer a padded guitar strap.

Design and Color

The best guitar strap for acoustic guitar has to be visually appealing. Be it a strap that matches your favorite instrument, a strap that's commonly used in your preferred musical style, or a reproduction of the strap used by your favorite guitar player. Get one that has the tan color makes you want to pick up your guitar with pride. Having the coolest guitar straps can help you play more confidently in performances.

Remember to remove the strap when storing your guitar in a case, or displaying your guitar in a Wall Hanger.

Further Reading

Levy's Leathers have an informative article where you can learn more about guitar strap height adjustment. You may also want to have a look at our guitar parts diagram to familiarize yourself with all the components of the guitar.

Best Guitar Straps Selection Methodology

The first Edition was published in 2017. The current edition was published on July 1, 2024

We first scoured the market for the most popular and top rated guitar straps, including guitar strap button adapters and classical guitar straps that utilize soundhole hooks. As usual, we filtered our initial list to good guitar straps that are readily available in the USA. For this edition, we ended up gathering over 23,300 ratings and reviews, which we then fed into the Gearank Algorithm. This process gave us the rating scores our of 100 that we used to narrow down our original shortlist to the best guitar straps recommendation you can see above. For more information about our methods see How Gearank Works.

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I mostly use Dimarzio Cliplock straps on my guitars that I use on stage. I move around a lot so they feel the most secure for me.


Jerry Borillo: Product research.
Alden Acosta: Product research.
Alexander Briones: Levy's M12 Review.
Jason Horton: Editing and Illustrating.


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