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These guides are designed to help you find the most highly rated options when you're buying music equipment. Every item presented has a Gearank Rating and the number of owner and user opinions that have been evaluated by the Gearank Algorithm for this purpose.

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal List to Blow Your Socks Off in 2024

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal List to Blow Your Socks Off in 2024

Distortion is the sound that powers hard rock and metal. As such, many guitarists' first pedal is a distortion stompbox, and the love for this effect continues to grow with experience, with some having tried many different distortion pedals by the time they're playing on stage.

Choosing the Best 88 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards

The Highest Rated 88 Key MIDI Controller Keyboards

Whether you're a pianist looking for a MIDI controller keyboard with a full octave range, or you're looking for a DAW controller and want a full-sized keybed, this guide has you covered.

Best Low Watt Tube Amp Recommendations 2024

The Highest Rated Small Tube Amps

4 Categories Reviewed | 1. Best Low Watt Tube Amp - Combo 2. Best Low Watt Tube - Amp Heads 3. Best Budget Low Watt Tube Amp - Combo 4. Best Budget Low Watt Tube Amp - Heads.

Best Microphone Under $100 | USB & XLR Condenser Mics

best microphone under $100

When budget is limited, it is best to find gear that squeezes the most value for your money. This applies to condenser mics in the sub $100 price range, where you're mostly looking for an all-in-one budget friendly mic. This guide serves that demand, featuring condenser microphones that have proven themselves to be valuable additions to home studios.

The Best Multitrack Recorder for Sound Production 2024

The Highest Rated Digital Multitrack Recorders

Our in-house audio engineer tells you his best digital multitrack recorder choices in each class. 8 | 12 | 16 | 20 | 24 | 32 track Tascam, Zoom best recording multitrack

Top Picks for the Best Portable Keyboard Piano 2024

The Highest Rated Portable Keyboards Under $500

A portable keyboard has built-in speakers so you can play anytime without having to plug in additional equipment. The keyboards included in this guide can also run on batteries so you can play them anywhere.

Best Condenser Mic Selection 2024 - Small to Large Diaphragm

The Highest Rated Studio Condenser Mics

Over a century after it was first introduced, the Condenser Mic continues to be an indispensable tool for music production. This guide focuses on the highest rated large and small diaphragm mics that cover all the tasks studio condensers are used for.