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These guides are designed to help you find the most highly rated options when you're buying music equipment. Every item presented has a Gearank Rating and the number of owner and user opinions that have been evaluated by the Gearank Algorithm for this purpose.

The Best Powered Mixer for Consoles & Box/Racks

The Highest Rated Powered Mixing Consoles

Our experts take a look at the best powered mixers and discuss their features and benefits in order to mix multiple inputs into the perfect unified sound.

Best Cheap Distortion Pedal List to Blow Your Socks Off

The Highest Rated Budget Distortion Pedals

Distortion is the sound that powers hard rock and metal. As such, many guitarists' first pedal is a distortion stompbox, and the love for this effect continues to grow with experience, with some having tried many different distortion pedals by the time they're playing on stage.

The Best Bass Strings (Light, Medium & Heavy Gauge) 2023

The Highest Rated Bass Strings

Finding the best bass guitar strings can be a challenge. With so many different materials and approaches to bass string design, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which is going to work the best for you and your style of playing.

Top Rated 2023 - Best Guitar Amp Under $200

The Highest Rated Guitar Amps Under $200

This guide is designed to help anyone who is currently looking for a good inexpensive guitar amplifier. We cover amp heads and pedal board amps in addition to combo amps.