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Helping Musicians & Communities.

Welcome to Gearank. Music related information, specializing in product research.  

Our Four Pillars.

  1. History

The Gearank Group commenced in music websites back in 1998, born through a passion for music. Our gearank.com site started in 2015.

  1. Expertise

Our team has experienced musicians, music teachers, audio engineers, and music writers. All are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you. 

  1. Process

The Gearank product research process uses a unique product-user algorithm to derive a score. Our experienced in-house reviewers use this quantitative data as a basis for their qualitative advice.

  1. Intentions

Our directors donate their time and 100% of all profits to help people in need.

Some reader comments:

This is by far the most research-based article I’ve found. Thank you for sharing your expertise! I’m a female vocalist looking for a mic

Really informative! I haven’t bought new speakers in ages, and you just saved me loads of research time. Thanks!

Excellent write up and very useful from beginner level to pro ones. Great job and really appreciate your effort.

Two Reasons we do this.

  1. To share our experience and expertise in helping music lovers in our community.

Our first reward is the gratitude and praise we get from you in the music community. We never get sick of encouraging comments. Your kind messages inspire us to do better. Thank you!

  1. To provide clean water sources for communities in need.

Our second passion is to build clean water facilities for entire villages throughout the world. These are places without safe drinking water. We are proud to have so far delivered 32 installations in Africa & India. The grateful faces of the people we help are our second reward.

Our water project director, Richard, in Uganda visiting a village’s drinking water source.

Our water project director, Richard, in Uganda visiting a village’s drinking water source.

How our site makes its income.

  1. From the advertising on the site.
  2. From partner affiliate commissions at no extra cost to you.

Read our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms & Conditions for more details. 

All profits from purchases through our site links go to helping villages like the one pictured above.

We value impartiality

Despite living in a world of commissions and incentives, we are very proud of one thing. We stick to our simple rule “If it’s not in the best interest of our readers, forget about it”.

What’s in it for you?

We want you to get great advice and insights, to shortcut your research journey. If you receive valuable tips or product direction, everyone ends up as happy as a dog with two tails.

Gearank Group Sites

In addition to this Gearank site we also run a number of other music sites.

GuitarSite.com commenced in 1998, and is a go-to hub providing reviews and guides. It is a vibrant community for guitar enthusiasts of all levels, offering expert insights and guitar related advice with over 300,000 article and forum comments.

Parlor.guitars is an online destination dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the beauty, craftsmanship, and unique character of parlor guitars. 

OfficinaMusica.it is an Italian online platform catering to music lovers, offering a diverse range of musical instrument reviews, equipment advice, and accessories information. 

Current Core Research & Writers

Alexander Briones

Alexander teaches guitar and bass and has extensive experience performing live. He has recorded tons and is the go-to guy for PA system set-ups.

Raphael Pulgar

An audio engineer for 20+ years, Raphael has produced, mixed, and mastered all music styles. 

Founders and Contributors

Jason Horton

Jason has been a singer/bassist, artist manager; event manager; producer; and a music publisher talent scout. He has also worked in many forms of media from the web to print publications, TV and Radio.

Daniel Barnett

Daniel is a guitarist and songwriter. He plays in a band and sings in a choral group.

Past Contribuors

Alden Acosta

Alden is a drummer and former lead guitarist of a band. He studied music for 6 years, majoring in percussion and jazz studies.

Matt Dunn

Matt has worked as a journalist, and has played guitar since he was 14. His expertise is in electric guitars, guitar effects, guitar modding, and gear.

Denise Azucena

Denise has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production. She has scored and arranged music for TV shows. She plays piano, acoustic guitar and is a qualified audio engineer.

Mason Hoberg

Mason is a multi-instrumentalist and writer. He has guitar website experience and regularly performs live.

Thanks to everyone here for your wonderful work!


Some final reader comments to end with a smile.

Thank you for this very informative and helpful article. Nice layout and easy to read. I hope you don’t mind me linking your page”

“Great job with your detailed explanation of the ins and outs of recording. I have been dabbling with recording for some 40 years”

“This is awesome! Thanks for posting!”