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Current Gearank Team

We are all experienced musicians that do most of the work on Gearank.com.

Raphael Pulgar

As an audio engineer for 20 years, Raphael has produced, mixed and mastered music from a variety of genres. In his free time, he likes to geek out on guitar gear, video games and Japanese animation. He also enjoys barbell training and playing with his cats.

Alexander Briones

Alexander teaches guitar and bass and also has extensive experience performing live. He has also recorded in studios and records at home. Over the last few years he's been researching and writing about music equipment for other musicians, and serves as a music director at his local church.


Additional Contributors

Jason Horton

Jason has worked in many parts of the music business as a singer/bassist, artist manager, event manager, producer, and a music publisher talent scout. He has also worked in many forms of media from the web to print publications, TV and Radio. These days his favorite instrument to play is nylon string guitar.

Daniel Barnett

Daniel has a background in mathematics, computer science and software development in addition to being a guitar player and songwriter. He is currently a member of a band and a choral group. He has a keen interest in music gear and is steadily growing his modest collection.

The following people aren't currently working on any projects for us but they did in the past and their research and writing is still in use in our articles and gear guides.

Alden Acosta

Alden is a drummer and former lead guitarist of the band Callalily, a multi-awarded act from the Philippines. When not playing music or researching gear, he likes to play video games and is currently learning to play bass. He also studied music for 6 years majoring in percussion and jazz studies with a minor in classical piano.

Matt Dunn

Matt is a journalist from southern Rhode Island who has been playing guitars since he was 14. He's a regular contributor who focuses on articles about electric guitars, guitar effects, guitar modding and related gear.

Denise Azucena

Denise graduated from university with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Production. Her internship prior to joining Gearank was with a production company where she assisted in scoring and arranging music for TV shows. She plays piano, acoustic guitar and is a qualified audio engineer.

Mason Hoberg

Mason is a multi-instrumentalist and freelance writer. He's been a regular contributor for a variety of different guitar-focused websites. Mason also regularly gigs around his hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming.


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