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complex calculations are used by is dedicated to all the kinds of music gear used to get your music to ears of those listening, whether it be performed live or recorded. Gearank is a score out of 100 given to every piece of music equipment in our gear guides. We research a vast number of online discussions and reviews by users, customers, and experts, and bring all that together in one convenient place. Our legwork makes if much easier for you to decide which music equipment is best to buy. For a more detailed understanding see: How Gearank Works.

Music Gear Guides

Music Gear Guides

Here are some examples of our buying guides offering detailed advice on key topics you need to know about in order to get the best gear for your situation while avoiding potential pitfalls.

The Best Studio Mics For Vocals - $100 to $1000

Vocal studio microphones
Whether you're planning your first recording project, or improving your home studio, you'll find this guide very helpful in choosing your next studio mic.

The Best Live Vocal Mics - $79 to $1000

Live vocal microphones
We present the music community's highest rated live vocal mics while offering information about their suitability for additional uses such as recording or miking instruments.

The Best Closed-Back Headphones for Recording

Closed-back headphones for recording
These headphones are great for tracking and can also be used for mixing. Street prices for these highly rated headphones range from $99 to $500.

The Best In-Ear Monitor Systems - Wireless

In-Ear wireless monitor systems
Wireless In-Ear Monitors allow you to have a consistent personalized mix, blocking out background noise, no matter where you are on stage or in the venue at large.

The Best XLR Cables - Microphone / Line Level

XLR cables
Advice on cable cores, shielding, connector types, strain relief, and the best cables based on analysis of over 1,100 review sources.

The Best DI Boxes - Active & Passive

DI Boxes
Here's what you need to know to properly understand DI Boxes and select the best one for your requirements.

The Best Electric Guitars Under $500 - Solidbody

Electric guitars under $500
Advice on pickup configurations, scale length, nut width, fingerboard radius, neck profiles, bridge types and more.

The Best Cheap Guitar Amps Under $200

Guitar amps under $200
Here are some excellent quality yet affordable guitar amps for both practicing and live performance.

The Best Acoustic Guitars - From $100 to $2000

Acoustic guitars
We scrutinized over 200 individual guitars and more than 16,000 review sources to bring you this comprehensive guide including advice on everything from tonewoods to strap buttons.

The Best Acoustic Guitar Amps

Acoustic guitar amps
Steel string & nylon string guitars, and other acoustic stringed instruments, need specialized amplifiers to faithfully reproduce uncolored tones while preventing feedback.

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The Rode NT5 Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Mics have a Gearank of 92 based upon over 750 reviews and ratings.