Music Gear: Reviews Rated & Ranked is dedicated to all the kinds of music gear used to get your music to ears of those listening, whether it be performed live or recorded. Gearank is a score out of 100 given to every piece of music equipment in our gear guides. We research a vast number of online discussions and reviews by users, customers, and experts, and bring all that together in one convenient place. Our legwork makes if much easier for you to decide which music equipment is best to buy. For a more detailed understanding see: How Gearank Works.

Music Gear Guides

Music Gear Guides

All items of music gear in our guides have Gearank - a score out of 100 compiled by analyzing reviews from a multitude of sources. You can read our guides showcasing the best rated gear in order to fine-tune your buying options.

The Best Microphones for Recording Acoustic Guitar

The best way to bring your acoustic guitar tracks to life is by employing mics that capture guitar frequencies well - this special selection of condenser mics do that brilliantly!

The Best Condenser Microphones Under $100

Great for recording vocals! Don't let the price tag fool you - sub $100 condenser mics can be found in home and professional recording studios these days.

The Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Acoustic guitars require specialized amps in order to bring out their natural tone without unwanted coloration.

The Best Keyboard Amps - $90 to $1000

These are also used to amplify a wide range of sources other than keyboards including electronic drums, drum machines and vocals.

The Best Studio Monitors - Under $300 up to $1000

Regardless of the style of music you're recording, or you're a DJ or EDM producer, you'll find our advice will help you find the monitors you need.

The Best Multitrack Recorders

Digital multitrack recorders are not simply an alternative to DAWs - they're a useful companion recording option and many are also serve as an audio interface.

The Top 10 Best Powered PA Speakers

Powered PA speakers are often the best way to go for small to medium sized venues because you don't need extra amplifiers or other gear. We also have guides to Passive PA Speakers, Stage Monitors & Subwoofers.

The Best Audio Mixer Consoles

This guide is primarily focused on mixing consoles used for live sound. Both Powered and Passive mixers are covered including tips on inputs, phantom power, EQ, effects and gear compatibility.

The Best Wireless Microphone Systems

Free yourself up from being stuck in one place when you're speaking or singing live..

The Best Live Vocal Mics - $79 to $1000

We have sought to make this the most comprehensive guide you'll find about microphones designed for singing live.

The Best Closed-Back Headphones for Recording

These headphones are great for tracking and can also be used for mixing as well.

The Best iPad Audio Interfaces

This guide simplifies the process of finding a good audio interface that actually works with your iPad.

Gearank Stats

At last count, on the 19th of October 2016, 175,442 individual reviews and ratings had been processed for Gearank.

Gear to Glean

The LR Baggs Session DI Acoustic Preamp Pedal has a Gearank of 87 based upon over 20 reviews and ratings.