How Much Does a Piano Weigh & Tips for Moving Different Types

How Much Does A Piano Weigh? This information is crucial for safely moving delicate and heavy pianos.

This is required when planning the logistics of transporting pianos across distances. It is also useful when moving a piano to a different location inside the home.

Weight must also be compared with the load capacity of the venues and rooms where you place your piano.

In summary, knowing a piano’s weight is vital for both its safe handling and proper placement. It is essential for piano owners and technicians working with heavy pianos on stage.

What is the Average Piano Weight?

The average piano weighs anywhere from 400 lbs to upwards of 1300 lbs. A full-size upright will weigh around 500 lbs to 600 lbs, while the average grand piano weighs over 800 lbs. There’s a lot of variation, depending on the type of piano.

I’ll walk you through the average weight of grand pianos. The averages vary greatly, so I’ve included a good range. I’ve also provided advice on moving a piano.

How Much Does An Upright Piano Weigh?

An upright piano can weigh from 500 lbs to 800 lbs. But there are variations on either side of the scale. Upright pianos are sometimes known as vertical pianos.

Some upright pianos weigh less than 400 lbs. However, these pianos are uncommon. The average upright piano weight is between 500 lbs and 600 lbs.

Let’s take a look at some common upright pianos to help understand the numbers:

As you can see, it is common for an upright to top 500 lbs. The myth of 300-pound vertical pianos might be wishful thinking.

Spinet Piano

The spinet is the smallest of the upright pianos. A spinet measures between 36 and 38 inches high, with a width of roughly 58 inches.

The spinet piano weight is also kept relatively low thanks to the smaller size. The average spinet piano weighs 200 lbs to 400 lbs.

Small and lightweight, spinet pianos are more portable than most pianos. However, the poor sound quality means they’re rarely manufactured nowadays.

Console Piano

The console is a size up from the spinet. It measures from 40 to 44 inches high. A console piano will typically weigh from 350 lbs to 450 lbs.

Console pianos might be heavier than the spinet, but they’re known to have much better sound quality.

Studio Piano

Studios is a type of vertical piano that most people are familiar with. With excellent sound quality in a (comparatively) small body, studio vertical pianos are often found in music schools.

The studio measures between 45 and 48 inches tall and around 58 inches wide. They weigh from 400 lbs to 500 lbs generally, although studio pianos can be even heavier.

The next step from the studio is classic uprights. These are heavy pianos, but they can’t compare to the variety of grand piano weights.

How Much Does A Grand Piano Weigh?

A grand piano is a heavy instrument. Large, long, and bulky, these horizontal pianos are always challenging to move. But the upside of that added size is that the grand piano produces the best sound.

A grand piano can weigh anywhere from 500 lbs to 1300 lbs. That’s quite a range! Down at the 500 lb end of the scale is the baby grand and semi concert grand piano models. At 1300 lbs up, you’ll find concert grand pianos.

Let’s take a look at the weights of some grand pianos:

Baby Grand Pianos 

The popular baby grand piano is the second smallest of the grand pianos, larger than the petite or miniature grand piano. While the petite grand measures less than 5′, the average baby grand piano is between 5′ and 5’5″.

Baby grands tend to weigh about the same as a full-size upright. Expect a baby grand to weigh between 500 lbs and 600 lbs

Concert and Semi Concert Grand Pianos

At the other end of the scale is the concert grand piano. These are the largest grand pianos, designed for use in venues, producing a rich sound. The average concert grand piano measures between 6’5″ and 7’4″, but some are over 9″.

Lighter semi concert grand is likely to weigh around 900 lbs. Bigger concert grands can weigh over 1300 lbs.

The baby grand and concert grand represent the extremes of the spectrum. Between these two sizes are various medium grand piano models for private and public use.

For example, medium grand pianos weigh around 500 lbs to 700 lbs.

How Heavy Is A Digital Piano?

Digital pianos, or electric pianos, are a cross between a keyboard and a full-size upright. The keyboard is cased in a wooden housing to mimic the sound of an acoustic piano.

A digital piano will generally weigh between 20 lbs and 300 lbs (with cabinet). They aren’t as easy to move as a keyboard, but two people working together shouldn’t struggle.

Tips For Moving A Piano

Can You Move A Piano On Your Own?

One person alone won’t be able to move a piano properly. Even more so when dealing with big professional grand pianos.

It is possible for two people working together to move a spinet or console upright with wheels. However, when you reach the stairs, you’ll need extra hands.

I highly recommend hiring a professional moving company. Pianos are bulky, heavy, and expensive. It’s cheaper to hire professional movers than to buy a new piano.

If you must move a professional grand piano, even a petite grand, hire a professional piano mover. The bulky shape of the grand is a nightmare to work with. 

How Many People Does It Take To Move An Upright Piano?

Two strong people can generally move a studio piano or console piano from room to room. A studio piano, which is heavier again, will need about three people to move it.

A full-size upright piano, however, will require a team of at least four strong people.

How Many People Does It Take To Move A Grand Piano?

Three to four people working together can move a baby grand piano. For a concert grand piano like the Grand Piano BB, you’ll need a team of upwards of six people.

Grand pianos often have to be dismantled before they’re moved. The weight is difficult, but the shape of the grand piano is the real problem. The ballroom grand piano length takes up too much space. It is too wide, long, and bulky.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Acoustic Pianos Heavy?

The heavy timber of the body is part of the reason pianos are heavy. However, most of the weight comes from the interior. The heavy cast iron plate inside a piano dramatically contributes to the weight.

Does Weight Matter When Buying A Piano?

Weight is a minor factor when buying a piano. The sound quality is the most important factor, as well as ensuring it can fit in your room.

A larger piano generally has better precision and control, but this will only sometimes relate to weight. Piano manufacturers can use smart materials to keep the weight down! “How much does a piano weigh?” should be a minor concern when shopping around.


Whether it’s a spinet or a concert grand, they all require the bulk and weight to reproduce the rich piano sound that they have. Some digital pianos with cabinets even weigh over 100 lbs!

Moving a piano will always be challenging, from modest small home pianos to a Model D concert grand piano. So you need to plan with all the information when moving, including knowing the weight of your piano.

You need several strong friends or professional assistance if you want to move a piano. But for an expensive instrument, you want nothing less than the care provided by professional piano movers.

Don’t forget to get your piano tuned after getting it moved to a different location, especially if parts had to be detached during the move.

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    Kit Johnson PhD in Music

    Excellent article with one exception. My digital piano (a Casio Previa) with 88 fully weighted keys, weighs 27 lbs. Similar digital pianos are in the 30 to 50 lbs range. I also own a Roland 88 key fully weighted action that weighs 60 lbs. No way do even the best digital pianos weigh between 100 and 300 lbs.

    1. Thank you for taking the time acknowledge this article and provide clarifications.

      You are correct that digital pianos without cabinets are much lighter. I’ve updated the article to reflect that.

      But note that digital pianos with wooden cabinets, such as uprights and baby grands, typically weigh between 100 and 300 pounds.

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