DR Strings Pure Blues Bass Guitar Strings (Medium)


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DR Strings Pure Blues Bass Guitar Strings (Medium)

Gearank Recommendation

The DR Strings Pure Blues appeared on our recommended list for Bass Guitar Strings from February 2020 until August 2022 when it had been out-ranked by other sets of strings.


The DR Pure Blues bass string set is sort of in-between when it comes to tone, with its combination of pure nickel and stainless steel.

The resulting tone is more balanced, with hints of the warmth and highs of the two materials it features.

Like other DR strings, these come with a round core that easily comes in contact with the wrap wire, and the result is more sustain and flexibility, as virtuoso Victor Wooten put it.


  • Gauges: .045 .065 .085 .105
  • Material: Quantum-nickel Windings, Round steel Cores
  • Coated: No
Although this was previously on our recommended list there are now more highly rated options available in our guide to The Best Bass Strings