Gammon Percussion SP5 Acoustic 5 Piece Drum Set w/ 22″ Kick

90 out of 100. Incorporating 1150+ ratings and reviews.
Gammon Percussion

Gammon isn’t yet a well known brand in the music community because they mainly sell beginner gear via large retailers such as Walmart and Amazon rather than traditional music equipment stores.

This particular drum kit of theirs made it into our guide to beginner drum sets because it had a very high volume of sales based on the number of verified customer reviews it has, and because it had a good Gearank score.

We stopped recommending it in March 2018 because it’s ratings had slipped and there were then higher rated options to recommend – but only by a small amount so if you want a really cheap drum kit then this is still worth considering.

Items Included in this Drum Set:

  • 14″ x 5.5 snare
  • 12″ x 10″ mounted tom with adjustable tilt memory locks
  • 13″ x 10″ mounted tom with adjustable tilt memory locks
  • 16″ x 16″ floor tom
  • 22″ x 14″ 16 lug bass drum
  • 12″ hi-hats
  • 14″ crash/ride cymbal
  • Chain driven hi-hat stand
  • Double braced snare stand
  • Cymbal stand
  • Chain driven bass drum pedal
  • Throne
  • Drummers key
  • A pair of drum sticks


  • The hardware is only single braced
  • We’re awaiting response from the manufacturer on the rest of the drum specs.


Then general consensus in positive reviews is that the hardware, cymbals and drum heads are not professional quality but are perfectly acceptable as your first practice kit particularly given the very low price it sells at. ‘Great value for the money’ or words to that effect came up frequently in customer reviews.


The things that were criticized included issues with both the written and video setup instructions, build quality and sound quality. There was a report from a person who said they weighed 180 pounds and stated that the throne bent under their weight.


If you’re on a tight budget then this is worth considering, but if your budget can stretch a little further then there are better options available in our guide to The Best Beginner Drum Sets.

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